Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Poke poke

W humored me yesterday - and yes I do mean humored - I think he could have found umpteen other things to do with his afternoon - but he humored me by doing needle play.  

When we were in Toronto for that Chinese festival - he purchased a couple of boxes of needles.  Not the ouchy - make pretty pattern needles - but my favourite - acupuncture needles (which is not to say they aren't ouchy - just not as ouchy as the other needles)

I stretched out on the sofa and he went to town sticking me..................

I always think needle play must get a little boring for the "needler" as once the needles are in there isn't much else for them to do............  W would wander past every once in a while and rub his hands over the needles - making them vibrate - or pushing down on them - making me moan softly.

It was quite interesting when W decided to give me an orgasm -  all the while he was working inside me with one hand - the other hand was slapping the needles and rubbing them............. I wasn't sure what brought me to the earth shattering mind blowing orgasm - W inside me - or W outside me playing with the needles.

The thing with acupuncture needles when they have been in for a while they start to feel like a million mosquitoes biting  - W took them out when the itching became more than I could handle (never mind the fact I had to go pee soooooooo badly!)

When I saw the after pics I realized the marks left look a whole lot like mosquito bites..... 

Now that we seem to have gone back to the "good old days" I wonder when W when bring out the cupping set and a few of the other old toys.............. (cheeky grin) Poke poke!


Sir said...

:-(( that you felt I was humoring you while needling you...


Melissa Parthenais said...

That looks quite interesting maybe I will get R to do that to me

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