Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The pictures that one sees of Tai Chi are always so beautiful - and the people doing it so very graceful.

I always thought it would be fun to take Tai Chi classes.  But between work and family I never seemed to find time.

Well now I am retired - with all sorts of time on my hands.  So I signed up for classes  - 4 months of classes!!!

Today was my first class.

Now I have never considered myself to have 2 left feet - or to be unable to follow simple directions........... but dear god!!!  Tai chi may just defeat me.   I couldn't even remember which foot was my left foot !!!  


I think it is gonna be a long long time before I am one of those graceful folks doing Tai Chi in the early morning dew........... thank god I signed up for 4 months!!

1 comment:

Sir said...

Good GOD, it is only the first class, you are to be a Klutz....

I KNOW you will become a good Tai Chi student given time...


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