Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Exploring

Saturday there was a train show in a town about an hour away from us.  W decided, instead of taking the highway, (boringgggggggggg) we would take the back roads and have a bit of an adventure.

We had a beautiful day for our exploration/adventure.  Sun shining bright - the air crisp and cool (truthfully I would have liked a little more heat - but hey it is mid September!)

I of course brought my camera along - still working on the homework project - and trying to reinforce the lessons learned at last week's class.

W spotted the following, down one of the country lanes and pulled over and stopped so I could take pictures to my heart's content........... Can you imagine having a fence like this???

I kept wondering which door opened into the "magic" garden - and thought it all felt a little bit like something from "Alice through the looking glass"

We made it to the train show and to be honest I think I need lesson 2 to be able to take pictures of moving trains in mixed lighting.......... BUT we did head off into the town for lunch and then a walk down Main street - and had a poke around in some of the more interesting shops.  

Along Main street I had this "thing" about the brick walls down the lane ways........... 

Once done in town we decided to head North for a bit and pop in on some friends.  They live in a 100 year old house on the river.  I have always loved their gate to the back yard...................

And then heading home we spotted this barn covered in bird houses and you know I had to have a shot of that!!! 

  Sunday we had a couple of things on the agenda - one being  vegging out at home.  But a friend invited us to an impromptu barbq and potluck supper so I whipped up a casserole  - grabbed some squares from the freezer (left over from the collaring last weekend) and off we went.  We had good fun with friends even met someone new (which truthfully isn't that difficult for us - seeing as we're still the newbies around here)

And then it was time to head home again......... 

What a weekend of exploring we had !!




Anonymous said...

Excellant did great just starting out

Ordalie said...

Very interesting photos especially the last one.
As for the first one, looks like the guy took home the last doors in his shop before retiring.

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