Tuesday, September 10, 2013


BSBZ are  the letters on my license plate.  A lot of people here in Kingston get "vanity" plates which can say anything (almost) you want.  I had thought of getting one until I got my assigned plate - and the girl who gave it to me said "How clever - 'busy bees' "  and that did it for me.... I am 'busy bees' !!

All that was to lead in to how busy we were this weekend...  the collaring ceremony in and of itself was enough - BUT - we had 2 friends stay over night from Montreal and one friend from Ottawa. All the house guests wanted to be on the road by 9 a.m Sunday (give or take) so I was up bright and early and had scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, coffee and juice on the table by 8:00 a.m.   Our Ottawa guest left shortly after 9 - our Montreal guests moved to the living room with a second cup of coffee and chatted away till 11:00 a.m.

We had just said "goodbye" to them - and Sir had sent me down to curl up on the couch in the "man cave" when friends from Kingston dropped by to bring us a small stool.  Soon we were having coffee in the living room hashing over the ceremony a bit.. when it came up that they were planning on heading down to the Multi cultural festival downtown.  

Sir and I threw on some clothes (that is NOT to say we had been naked!! - get your minds out of the gutter !!  shame on you !!)  and off we went too.  

What fun we had visiting the 10 - 12 countries represented in Confederation Square.  We had lunch in the Philippines, watched the highland fling, poked around booths with crafts, admired all the colourful clothing.......... and just had a great time.  Around 1:30 (I believe) there was a demonstration of Japanese drumming.  We all decided to watch it.

It was pretty interesting to watch and best of all they offered a workshop to any and all interested participants.

I couldn't resist and neither could friend W (not MY W - but friend W) MY W and friend W's wife went and found a front row seat to watch our humiliation.  I was so enthusiastic to learn this japanese drumming that I didn't notice friend W and I were the only adults lined up.....two adults in the midst of 20+ kids - little kids at that !!!    
ugh......... I had a moment or two where I nearly chickened out - then said "screw it - I'll be the eccentric old lady!!"

My W had great fun taking unflattering pictures of my ass during the warm up exercises (which you will NOT see) ........... but when it came to the actual drumming he did catch a reasonably good pic of me................

When the drumming was done and friend W and I had picked up the contact information for the group (we are seriously considering joining the group) we all headed off home for a "quiet" evening at our respective houses. 

 Think that is the end of my story / the end of our weekend?? Think again.....

Just after W and I had curled up in the man cave for a quiet evening in front of the television............. W got a message from a submissive who needed a shoulder and an ear.  So we told her to come over and we'd talk

And talk we did - until after 11:00 pm - so much for my plans of an early night.  

BSBZ  - that's what we are!!  and I am lovin' it ! 



"get your minds out of the gutter !!" 'Scuse me but it is my mind and if I decide to keep it in a gutter, then that is where it will be found :)


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