Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to School

During the months leading up to my retirement - when asked what my plans were - I would say "I am going back to school".  It was fun to watch their shocked expressions.... school??!!!  (and I could hear them saying "at HER age??!!")

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Kingston on July 1st - after I kissed W and unpacked - was to look up when the next photography classes started at the local college.  Registration was August 12th - classes started Sept. 10th.

Yesterday was Sept 10th.  And so it was, that at 5:30p.m. last evening, I headed off to my first class of photography in my new BIG school.  

W had warned me - W had suggested we do a dry run around the school to find my classroom.  But did I listen?? no no... it was ok ... I knew the class was on the 3rd floor - how difficult could it be??

Let me say this - right here and now!! 
1)  I will not be running late next week 
2) I will pay attention to land marks around the building - like the fact I am in the orange wing - and everything in the orange wing is ORANGE!!
3) I will bring the floor plans supplied by the college
4) whenever I leave the classroom I will leave a trail of bread crumbs so I can find my way back!

After 3 hours of watching slide shows of the teacher's artsy fartsy over exposed blurred colour slides - 

- listening to words like apertures and shutter speeds and trying to find the silly button that would make my camera click like everyone else's camera - I drove home in the dark (doesn't the city of Kingston pay their electric bill - half the street lights were out!!) brain aching - eyes blurred - body tired.  

I asked myself why in god's name I wanted to do this??? Go back to school - night school at that !! - with a bunch of 20 / 30 somethings.............and the answer was - I  want to learn this!!!  and I WILL learn this !!  (even if I have to do remedial work at home - LOL)

Now if you will excuse me - I have homework to do................

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Ordalie said...

Are you sure you chose the right photography class? It seems to me the teacher was only showing off...

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