Monday, June 17, 2013


It's really really early here......... even the birds haven't started serenading the day yet.

I am awake - cause - well I do that sort of thing from time to time - wake before the sun and sit and think and watch the sun rise over the tree tops and try and find some sort of sense or logic to my life.

Thanks to rail strikes that didn't happen and a wonky car, I stayed in town this weekend.  I got to visit with baby daughter and the grandkids - which was wonderful... the grandkids - being kids - went into the freezing waters of the swimming pool.  I can remember when baby daughter would try to beat her record for earliest swim of the year - If memory serves me right it was before May 24th weekend - and the water was 65 degrees - we always did call her the "polar bear"

It was fun watching the kids running screaming helter skelter into the pool - doing cannon balls and star fish dives and just laughing and playing.  I promised myself no matter the move - the distance - I AM going to get back regularly to watch them play..... I will miss them all terribly.

And Sunday - which did NOT live up to it's name of SUNday - was spent huddled inside cursing yet another day of rain and nothing on television.

I could SO use some kink in my life starting with a decent spanking/flogging/whipping and finishing off with some sex............ how many more days till I get to Kingston???

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Sir said...

I think this link ( )will solve your lack of Kink problem, I just need to find a carpet beater here in Kingston...

Got any ideas where???


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