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Interactive blogging continued.........

Well five of you readers were willing to try out my "interactive" blogging yesterday.  And yes I know I did say I would answer the questions last night......... BUT...... (have you noticed how many 'but's' there are in my blogs ??) I was exhausted when I got home from school - and the miserable awful terrible sore throat had reared it's nasty lil head again........... SO........... I decided to wait till this morning when I could give each of you the time and energy your questions deserved.

Right then.......... without further ado............ 

Question 1 (and they are in no particular order)

Blazngfire asked :  How are you doing with the Accounting program??

ugh you had to ask that one eh Blazn???  Actually not very well........... I have the bookkeeper on speed dial.  JUST when I think the program is finally set up to run on it's own (basically) and that all my questions have been answered - something else crops up.............. 

Like yesterday - I tried to enter my employee's pay and the program was looking for her hours over the holidays.  She doesn't get paid over the holidays - logically (in my mind) I would enter 0 hours - the program will not accept that as a viable answer......... so I am stuck again :(

Blazngfire also asked: Do you get to the Capital often?? Will you be there in February??

No I wouldn't say we go up to the Capital very often........... we were supposed to go up this weekend - but between the weather and this f*%$king bug we cancelled.  W did say we would try and make it up in February.................... which brings me to a question for you............ WHEN are you going to be in the Capital in February??? AND do you ever pass through here on your way up??? 

Rene asked:  I have been following you and W for a long time now and wondered why you never took that step to 24/7 living together??  (and no Renee that wasn't too personal a question to ask) 

The easy answer is W lives about 30 minutes away from me - down a long highway and over a bridge (a muchly used bridge I might add) and I work/ live here.  We had always said when I retire we would move out of province together and find a nice lil house somewhere together.......... that's the easy answer.

 However I suspect there is a much harder answer to that question........ and it makes me a little sad to be truthful...... I doubt very much if W and I will ever live 24/7 under the same roof.  There are some major character flaws we both have that would make living together a possible nightmare...... I think it would be ideal if we found joint living quarters that involved - for example, a duplex - where we would both have separate living quarters but be close enough to spend a large quantity of time together.  Or like the Heron clan - townhouses side by side where we could slip easily into each other's house by the back door for example.  

BUT as I said - nothing much will happen until such time as we can actually move and live closer to each other.  

Also (and I do HATE to bring it up - sort of like rubbing salt in my wound) but I did take my collar off and ended the Dom / sub relationship.  I don't know if W will ever accept me as his submissive again.  However - we are "girlfriend and boyfriend" now..... which is good :)  But there doesn't seem the same burning desire (or need) to live 24/7 in that type of relationship.  (well for us anyway)

Perfectdt asked:  How is the Canadian press treating kinksters nowadays?? Are they giving you a reasonable image or are you still getting the tired old knee jerk reactions from the journos??

I am honestly not sure I am the best person to answer that as I seldom if ever read a newspaper or watch a newscast.  I do know during Fet Weekend back in September the news crews were out in full force - but they were only snapping up stories of the extreme which is pretty much "same old same old" I have always maintained that a D/s relationship / lifestyle is just not all that newsworthy as there is nothing extreme about it.. to sell newspapers......... 

Ana asked: Is this the first only blog you have ever had?? And why did you start blogging??? 

The Journey  (and all adaptations to the name) is / was my first blog and continues to be my main blog.  I did - for a while - try having a vanilla blog (on word press - which I never did manage to figure out ) where I posted photos and family news - that didn't last long.

Then I started a couple of extra blogs here on Blogger. 

I had "Behind the Screen" which started off as something else (which I can't for the life of me remember) but it was only for my fictional writing and was linked to The Journey.  However it took a lot of time and energy to write monthly stories - and I only had 9 readers.  Sorry but it seemed just too much work for so few visitors.  I took it down.  I figured my writing was not as good as some people thought.. including myself...... so why beat a dead horse??

Then last year while I was sick and trying to motivate myself to get out of the house - I started "365".  The premise was to post a photograph a day.  It went along well while I was sick - but once life returned to normal - the camera and 365 were shelved until such time as I retire and can actually devote real time to my photography.  (Though truthfully I fear my talent for photography will be much like my talent for writing - not very good )

And now the why I started blogging........... wow..... way back when I was reading a few BDSM blogs and thought how much fun it would be to have my own blog.  I have always kept some sort of journal - hand written - so it seemed a simple easy jump from paper to screen.  It has been a love / hate relationship... as at times I censor myself.... or write for the masses..... It has been an ongoing struggle to keep it honest and true... 

And truthfully I think I started to blog because I wanted people to read it.. to know me. My 15 minutes of fame sort of thing??? Over the years it has become my outlet ....... and I honestly don't think I could stop now ........ I don't worry nearly so much what people think of me ........or my skewered philosophies......... or my brand of BDSM.... or even how many people read....... the words rattle around in my head until they come out..... and then voices in my head quiet down (cheeky grin)

Sir Mike asked:  What age did you start to enjoy pain? How much pain do you really like? 

ummmmmm I would say Sir Mike that I started to like pain in my late teens.  Or rather I discovered that pain was a turn on.  I don't "like" normal every day pain - like banging my shin bone on a table edge.  But when I was in my late teens I was reading books by Anonymous authors set in the Victorian days where young girls were getting spanked.. and I always got very turned on by the imagery the words created.  I read the Story of O at that time and was blown away by the imagery and pain that ran through almost every page of that book........ especially the piercing scene.  

I did try "cutting" around the same time...... and discovered it was as good as anything I imagined........ and was the best foreplay going........ until that is my parents caught me - threw a major hysterical fit marched me off to a psychologist ........ and so my cutting period ended quite abruptly.  Pain was bad...... and shouldn't be done.  I was in my 30's I guess before I realized there was a whole sub-culture out there that actually felt the same way I did.  

As to how much pain I actually like??? That is a rather personal evaluation.  I don't think I take that much.  It was only two summers ago when I was playing with different Tops that I was labeled a masochist.  It threw me for a loop.... probably because of my earlier introduction to "pain is bad"........ and somehow being a masochist meant I was one sick puppy.  

When I hear someone say they took 40 birthday spanks and couldn't sit down for a week..... in my head I say "ONLY 40??!! W tends to play for 40 minutes to an hour with me each time.  He uses whips and floggers (leather, rubber, knotted rope) canes, and a multitude of other toys.  A couple who were watching one scene a while back said the force with which W hit me with one of the floggers - created such a wind that they had to move because they got chilled.

It is very difficult to answer "how much"............ it's a bit like trying to describe the colour blue to a blind person.  Guess you will have to come and watch me get beat (cheeky grin) and then you can answer the question yourself.

Sir Mike also asked:    What happened to the man who was the father of your children?

Well to start (cheekier grin) He is still the father of my girls.  And very much still on the edges of my life.  We socialize together at birthdays, high holidays, weddings, funerals etc.  He comes for Christmas here and usually Easter.  We are friends now.  When we were married, He knew of my desire to be played with (in those days only sexually) and to find out more about being a submissive.  He fully encouraged me to do so.  (Personally I think he thought it was some weird sort of hobby) ....... He even met my first trainer - Lula.  But today we don't discuss that part of my life.

And that is it for all the questions.

I have to thank all of you who took time from your busy day to ask......... It was fun for me to answer them..... and hell it gave me a half decent post for today :)

If at any time anyone wishes to pop up with a question or two ......or three or four - feel never need a special invitation.... AND...It does make writing a blog entry fun for me....... 


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