Saturday, September 10, 2011

Make - Believe ......... OR ......... is it?

While the world is busily dealing with very serious events ... I have been focusing a good part of my mind on figuring out what the hell is 24/7 D/s........ really!

I stole an ad line from some major producer Sony or some such company..... about make believe.  It said:
    MAKE   -    BELIEVE  
 action              spirit
 do                     think
       build               imagine 
  design            dream

When you divide the word up like that - and look at each alone - it tends to give you a completely different perspective on the original word.

D/s - 24/7 D/s is ............ action and doing and building and especially designing.  
It is also spirit and a whole lot of thinking and imagining and dreaming.

What's wrong with that?? not a damn thing!!
But it is in one sense a "make believe" world that is separate from the real world..... has to be...... cause just like "make believe" worlds that children build - who outside that world could understand it???

It is a world built for two people (ok ok sometimes more) and only them.  And that is how it should be kept.  

And so ........ D/s can exist in this world....... if it is behind closed doors (so to speak) if it is not flaunted... or displayed for all to see.  

I am not sure why this topic came to the fore front this week....... maybe it's because I spent some time the other night reading W's posts about when I was sick..... and remembering how damn good it felt to know he was in charge....... he would be there by my side.... make sure that everything ticked along as it should.. that I could (and did) trust him to take care of me and my affairs.  It really was very easy to do......... because in my world...... in my heart........ he is the Master (and yeah yeah I know W - you HATE that word - but it is true !! in my heart of hearts you are the Master) And as Master he would hold my heart in his hand as softly and lovingly as one would hold a baby bird.

And what is a "Master" anyway??? An expert on something?? Well who could be more "expert" on my heart - on my well being - than W...... especially after all these years.

UGH....... I have managed to take a bit of a detour from my original thoughts on D/s and make believe........... but then ........ have I???   Masters and slaves and D/s are all part of this 'make believe' world - built on actions and doing and building and designing together ....... with lots of spirit and thinking and imagination and dreaming.............
I can't see anything wrong with THAT !


abby said...

I love this post and what it says..and how it has made me think and nod. There is NOTHING wrong with that! abby

littlemonkey said...

If you can conceive a thing, then you can achieve that thing...I don't know who said it, but it's true.

I'm with abby, very nicely thought provoking!

swan said...!


Hisflower said...

seems to me that you both are in a better place than ever before. im happy for the two of you :)

viemoira said...

And what is a Master if not an expert on one's heart?

Perfect definition! :)

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