Friday, September 16, 2011


There are so many times that I wonder  (question myself) why I am the boss.  Honestly I am not a good boss... I take everything said or done personally.  I am not thick skinned.

Things have been building to a head - an explosive head at school.  My staff - I admit it - have probably been screwed over for the last umpteen years.  They have not really had time to get to know me - with my being absent for over half of last year.  


when I ask them to trust me... when I say I have your best interests at heart - when I tell them repeatedly that I understand they have trust issues with bosses.......... and they just go on doing things they have always done.......... why do they think they will get different results???

It all blew up yesterday.  I have an employee who doesn't have many hours - who would love more hours.  I have an employee off on CSST long term CSST.  Her hours were given to a replacement.  Employee A has been bitching at me that she wants the hours.  I explained and explained that if I gave her the 45 minutes more a day she wouldn't earn any seniority - and if she wants a permanent position she NEEDS fucking (I didn't say fucking to her) seniority.  I was trying - behind the scenes to drum up more hours for her - that she would collect seniority on............. I kept saying to her "trust me" .. because until I was sure I could pull it off I was not going to say anything.

She didn't trust me.  She went to the Union.  I talked to the Union (someone I have worked with for over 30 years - who thank god - knows me and knows I am fair) The end result - I gave Employee A the extra 45 minutes and am damned if I am gonna do anything extra for her from now on.

But it isn't just her.......... there are about 4 of them that are the worst gossips you have ever met... who delight in someone else's problems........... who are in plain language "shit disturbers"

Today I am going to have a talk with all my staff.. I am going to lay my cards on the table.  I am going to tell them EXACTLY what I expect as BOSS - and one of the main things I expect is team work.  IF they can't give that to me - I am going to point to the job postings on the board and tell them to apply somewhere else.  

I have no more time or patience for these "princesses" who think the world owes them.

They have forgotten what their job is REALLY about............. 

the K I D S  

I am going to remind them after lunch today........ and damn the consequences!!!!!


Ordalie said...

"when I ask them to trust me... when I say I have your best interests at heart"
How often have I been told the same thing, just to realize afterwards that the boss was a sly person with underhand goings-on!
I wouldn't say you're in the same package and I don't think you lust after young women and trample the other ones but it may be possible they have had previous painful experiences and don't trust you at first sight.

Buffalo said...

Wish I had a tidbit or two of secret knowledge or lore that could be passed on to you. I don't though.

morningstar said...

@Ordalie - first sight??? I have been there for 2 years of staffing... (happens in Sept) and if they are still stuck in the past that is their problem - NOT mine!

As I just told them - the chapter is closed - I want teamwork and I want the kids to come first - if they can't do that - then maybe they should find another posting.

None of this has anything to do with sexism or age ......... never did actually - the position I hold has always been held by a woman.

Anyway......... I am still ticked.. so I will end now.

swan said...

I have done the "boss" gig, and it is a continual frustration. I don't envy you dealing with a bunch of princesses. I hope you can get things turned around so that it all works.


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