Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home.... 

Yes I am home........ cause I was a bitchy bossy patient!!!

I know Warren has kept everyone up to date - god bless him!!  He has been by my side through all this and put up with my crying, my short temper, my shorter patience.  He somehow divided himself between the hospital, his house and the condo.  He made sure I had everything I needed and then some.  

At one o'clock today Warren brought me home.  I have a longer road to recovery than the norm but that's ok.  I will do my recovery at home.  

Thank you to everyone who left comments and sent hugs and warm messages..

Home Sweet Home.


Sue said...

Welcome home. Home is always the very best place to recover. However long the road to full health and wellness, you are at least begun, and that is good. This has been weighing on you for far too long.

Gentle hugs and very best wishes...


Anonymous said...

Get well soon. <3

Ordalie said...

"A bitchy bossy patient"? What the British nurses call "a difficult patient" lol.
I've always wondered how they expect you to recover in such a authoritarian environment...unless they have dollars in their eyes like Uncle Scrooge.

Buffalo said...

Glad you're home.

saffy said...

Hugs , so glad you are back home....Now get back to full health,
hugs and light
p.s. i got the coffee maker that you blogged about and it is wow.....thankyou so much for that gem of advice xx

viemoira said...

Glad it's done and over with and you are home! :)

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