Wednesday, October 08, 2008

clothes make the.............

For 15 of my 20+ working years i have dressed in functional clothing. Why functional you may ask??

Because for all those years i was teaching......... 4 and 5 year olds. Do you have any idea how dirty "teacher" gets in a classroom of 20 4 and 5 year olds??? My working wardrobe consisted of wash and wear trousers, sweaters, and blouses. i wore sensible shoes.. and socks!

Ohhhhhhh my socks... i collected them.. i had Winnie the Pooh socks for all seasons.. i had dog socks.. i had cat socks... i had cow socks.. i had pretty flowered socks.. i had snow flake socks and i had Santa socks... and how my kiddies loved to check out the socks each day!!!

For the last 5 years of administrative duties........ i kept to my functional wardrobe. Why?? because .. over 20+ years it had become my "uniform" and honestly i just never thought about all the other stuff hanging in my closet.

Last spring when the 'wedding season' hit.........i purchased some less than functional clothing........ clothing more suited to "mother of the bride"......... remember those posts?? where i talked about feeling like i was turning into a barbie doll???

Anyway.......i bought some new clothes for the summer wedding.. and now i have bought some new clothes for the fall wedding.........and they are all hanging nicely in my closet waiting for the occasion. i even got up the courage to go for a shorter ..perkier.. more fashionable hair cut. Every time i dress up in the "new" clothes i have to admit to feeling good about myself.. about feeling pretty.. and yeah i have to admit .. just a bit sexy.

So ..... when September rolled around... i decided to change my work image........ no more functional outfits.. no more uniforms. Actually it took me a few weeks to work up the nerve to wear some of the new stuff........ don't ask me why....... i think i may have been shy .... and of course i am the one who HATES change.........

Anyway............ the last couple of weeks i have been sporting (one or two days a week) one of my new dressier outfits to work. And folks have started to notice. Yesterday i wore a black and white patterned top.. with black camisole and black pants. It was embarrassing how many people commented on how nice i looked.. one person even commented that she had noticed how i was even matching my earrings to my clothes (i used to wear plain silver hoops every single day)

Clothes do make the woman .. because i feel more .. confident now.. more in charge. And it shows.......... people have commented on my new style yes... but they have commented more on how i "look" different.. how i seem happier (well i am !! it helps to be done with the 'clown' and to be working for a professional now) ...... how i seem to have more of a spring in my step !!

And that got me to thinking....... (follow the bouncing subbie ball here) how so often i hear folks saying they don't have to dress the part for BDSM - specifically fetish style clothing. Hey i am not knocking that philosophy - i mostly agree with it....... i am not much for the new "s/m" (stand and model).......... BUT .. there is something that makes my heart go pitter patter.. and my knees go weak.. when Sir dresses in black....... black trousers with one of His black shirts. Nothing fancy.. no leather or latex.. just simple black. There is something in the way He carries Himself when He is decked out in His 'fetish' clothing that makes the ......... man?? the Dominant?? i wonder if it is the same for Sir.. to see me decked out in my all black fet wear - no leather or latex.. just simple black....... i wonder if He sees more the submissive and less the relaxed ... sloppy woman.

i am thinking.. after this experiment at work with less functional clothing...... that clothes can and do affect our attitude.. and the attitude of those around us.......

What say you?? Yay ....... or Nay??


Buffalo said...

I've never believed clothes make the person. They do, however, garner a person attention. Attention, either positive or negative, may well make the difference.

Sir said...

Clothes don't make the person, that is why I enjoy submissives/slaves nude :-))

As for noticing things about you My littleone, always.

Owner of morningstarsztepd

selkie said...

I think that clothes that you spent time choosing, clothes that you bought becuase they make you feel better, clothes that present an certain image - one you LIKE conveying (even if you are not, at first, entirely comfortable with) DO makea HUGE difference in how you feel - and how you come across to other people....

What else do we teach our children?

Appearance counts - becuase until you are give the opportunity to really get to know someone, our initial appearance is how we are judged ... wrong or right - that is the reality of it.

Indeed, at the heart, Buffalo is right - clothes do NOT make the person - BUT, in the real world, they are the ONLY indicator strangers and acquaintences have of forming a judgment.

anna said...

I say absolutely yay. Clothes make a difference in the way you feel about yourself, in the way you walk, in your posture, etc, etc, etc. And they make a difference in the way people perceive you and respond to you.

I'm so happy that you've made these changes. Although, I must admit, I always thought you looked lovely every time I've seen you.

So when can we go shopping?! :)

P.S. I am a total "What Not To Wear" (on TLC) addict. So maybe they have me brainwashed.

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