Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sunday night needling

Sir sent me pictures of the needling session on Sunday night........ and there is no way in hell i am gonna post those pictures .. they show just a little more of my anatomy than i am comfortable posting ( ughhhhhhhhh way toooooo much!!)

However.. i can tell you all.. it was an amazing session.. as the expression goes.. it hurt so good !! i was waiting for the usual knife play - once all the needles were in.. i was waiting for the sensation play that usually happens - once all the needles were in.. i was waiting............... Sir went back to watching tv and i lay there basking in the glow that always comes from having my ass full of needles... day dreaming......

Then Sir came down to my level and i felt his hands running around the needles .. flicking them every once in a bit to make sure i was focused on HIM...


Sir slid his hand between my legs.. slid his fingers into me... my mind did a WTF?? but it didn't take long to get me on the same page as Sir... only thing was.. when i was right on the edge.. ready to slide over and ride the wave all the way to nirvana.. the needles started to wiggle and wobble - talk about a bucket of cold water.. i wimpered.. "i can't cum .. the needles.. the needles!!" (like that was gonna stop Sir !) He kept on tickling the secret spot deep inside me.. relentless.. i was gonna cum with the needles wiggling and wobbling!!!

And i did.

Which just goes to show.. Sir gets what He wants.. every time!

As it should be.


Buffalo said...

Well son of a gun!

M:e said...

yep.... just as it should be.. smiles.

love and hugs xxx

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