Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Dance

At exactly 12 noon today i shut my computer off.. locked the cabinets.. closed the windows and blinds.. pushed my chair in and closed the office door. i walked sedately and calmly to my car... i drove home in a sedately manner - abiding all the speed limits (for once !!) .. i walked up my path and unlocked my front door......... i said hello to the cats......... and then

i did the dance of joy around the house........... no more school.. no more books.. no more schedules or deadlines, no more morning alarms...........

see me do the happy dance.... summer has arrived!!!!


CLoud said...

seems like a reason to dance now add a certain Sir and perhaps the dancing will be at the end of a whip.

DO enjoy your summer

Hisflower said...

you make me laugh here you are doing a happy dance cause school is out- im sittin' here waiting for september so my kids can go*hugs*Hisflower

His cunt said...

thats great!!! Time to relax and regroup. good for you!

Take care

swan said...

happy, happy, joy, joy... You made it. I'm glad for you.

Hugs, swan

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