Tuesday, February 06, 2007


There are times that i get caught up in the moment...... my knee jerk reactions are infamous by now........ sadly.

i love writing fiction... sometimes my fingers fly across the keys producing a story without much thought... sometimes i struggle with the plot/theme / words period... but i love writing!

Well my knee jerk reaction got me started writing fiction .. BDSM fiction yet!! on a vanilla blog.............. shoot me now ok??? sometimes i can just be so damn ... blonde !!! Why i ever thought it was going to work is beyond me.. completely and totally beyond me!! i thought .. at the time.. that those who were interested would read... the rest would simply pass me by...... WRONG! ok so now i have learned a valuable lesson......... my fiction is going back where it belongs.. on the Fictional Journey. Besides...... BDSM is not fiction.. it is what we do.. who we are.. and i am beginning to think i did the community a disservice by my dabblings.

god only knows what i will contribute to the vanilla blog........ recipes maybe?? politics?? now that would throw some folks.. me writing political entries !!

All i know for sure......... is BDSM is still basically taboo in the vanilla world... so i am moving it back into the "closet".


Buffalo said...

I think those that are interested in sharing and learning will read. The others will check it out and then pass on it. I think much of the distaste that is shown toward BDSM is based on misunderstanding and a brief exposure to extremes (for lack of a better word).

Folk that are involved in BDSM can be damned defensive about their involvement and quite willing to attack anyone in the vanilla world over any real or imagined slight. I know my butt was chewed on pretty good by one of your readers.

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful soul, I have just caught up on 4 days worth of your posts. You are unique and you share your thoughts with such pure honesty, I thank you for that, I notice the way you write, your expression, your honesty and it gives me courage to continue to always write from the depth of my heart, even, even, when things are hard...so...thank you for allowing me to see you... for allowing me to observe another likeminded soul.

Thank you for sharing and please know that for all your hard times, you have helped others continue in a similar/like journey to your own.

Best wishes and very warmest hugs


Anonymous said...

lol Buffalo. You are cute. :-) You're right, too. I'm working (and sometimes failing) at not being so defensive. I'm trying to adopt that "magdala-zen".

morningstar, I'm sorry you feel bad. Is it possible that it wasn't as badly received as you think? Did you pull a "kaya" and go all wonky at the slightest provacation? *grin*



Blazngfyre said...

Please don't pull up stakes dear LittleOne.
Even us "vanilla" folks enjoy a good whipping (real or imagined) every now & again.

Honestly, I find the subject matter fascinating.

littleone said...

Buffalo - i am sorry really sorry that You feel we can be defensive and quick to attack.... we ARE supposed to be about acceptance and tolerance towards each other.. surely to god that applies to the other communities as well???? DAMN it makes me mad when anyone - i don't care who it is - attacks .. but then You know that don't You Buffalo?? :)

kaya - welllllll i may be pulling a "kaya" and going "wonky" but when i read that my contributions were infomercials for BDSM .. it made me sit up and take notice.. i don't believe in shoving it down anyone's throat.....oh there was a whole lot more said .. but i won't bother to repeat it... i will post some vanilla stuff there.. and keep the juicy stuff here......

blazngfyre - oh i don't intend on pulling up stakes.... just not too sure what i am gonna do...... i am not one for causing upsets or rife.. makes me feel sick - honest!! time will tell what happens to the Butterfly shop...

The Bloggers of Freedom's Place said...

You should be proud that you innocently set off such fireworks! The unfortunate events that you think you are responsible for were the result of alot of misunderstanding as is simply the side effect of people speaking their minds, some a bit more passionately than others. You are a FINE addition to our community and I am very proud to have you with us! You just keep on unabashadly being you and everything will work out just fine!

RAheretic's swan said...

Well, I made a comment and Blogger ate it! I was just suggesting that if you don't want to keep doing your lovely fictional pieces "over there," then why not do non-fictional pieces that discuss the political and educational aspects of BDSM? You would serve to take all of us out of the closet a bit, and share who you are -- educator and experienced lifestyler.


whitesnake said...

You tell me and i'll write the story.............

Don't give up now.

Going gets tough and you get going!

Come ON!

what ever happened to that strong woman I ain't suppose ta know about huh?

Don't give in and don't give up!

Former Frontier Editor said...

Hey! Don't be backing down now. I may be vanilla, but I'm no prude and I really don't care about one's orientations or preferences as long as they involve consenting adults.

I may not like Democrats and Republicans, but I still associate with them.

You may be in a submissive relationship, but that doesn't mean you have to cave in to us, Little'un. And you certainly don't have any reason to be caving in on me because what you do really doesn't bother me one way or the other.

So lighten up and stay in our world. Okay?

CLoud said...

Sadly, I go against most of what has been left as comments. Freedom of speech is not yet accorded to us. Vanillas do not glance and move on if they do not like what it is said. They tend to, in my experience react in a most negative and narrow minded way.

So while other non vanilla groups are tolerated the monsters must still hid in closets and under beds. Coming out to play only when the vanillas are safe in there beliefs that that what they do not see does not exists.

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