Friday, February 16, 2007

On the Mend??

It has been 7 full days of this .... virus! (that is my new dirty word for the week - VIRUS) It was supposed to be bad for 3 - 5 days then improve... Well mine didn't... on the 6th day my fever came back.. ask me if i was happy............ Last night as i climbed into bed i had this craving !! my stomach was rumbling and my mouth was watering! i wanted ...... (no NOT chocolate kaya) but Krispie Kreme Donuts... the cream filled ones.

i was introduced to Krispie Kreme Donuts about 6 years ago or so... on a trip to New York City. i went down to meet a submissive i had been chatting to for ages and ages on line.. i spent 7 days in NY.. almost as long as this virus - but NY was much more fun !! Her Dom arranged for us to attend a TESS demo night.. we shopped - not for regular stuff like most tourists to NY shop for... no we hit every BDSM shop imaginable.. it is where i actually purchased my very own first flogger.. the sting of a 1000 bees flogger..

One night on the way back to Long Island - we stopped at this donut shop.. she couldn't believe i had never tasted a Krispie Kreme Donut - in those days it was an American thing.. definitely not a Canadian one... and i was in love at first bite !!!

It was a glorious week of laughter and shopping and sunbathing.... (there were some who imagined much more debauchery.. but they were wrong! we were just a couple of submissives enjoying the summer life in New York City)

Fast forward a few years et voila Krispie Kreme showed up in the Great White North..... unfortunately it was not love at first bite for most Canadians... and the number of shops that opened quickly dwindled down. And last night i had a craving for them....... i haven't wanted food in any form for 7 days and i want a Krispie Kreme!! go figure ..........

So this morning in my private journal to Sir i asked Him.. ever so politely.. if He thought He could manage to pick up some cream filled Krispie Kreme donuts!! Remember how i said in a previous post He almost never denies me food i wish - because i am so picky ?? Well i do believe He will find me some cream filled Krispie Kreme donuts.. though i can hear my mother's voice in my head saying "greasy food .. on a sick stomach???!!" So who knows.. maybe this weekend i will be up to my elbows in greasy sticky creamy donuts.. and maybe they will finally cure this virus that has kept me in bed for a week....... i can always hope right??

and the story continues........

Sir thought i meant lemon...... yuck........ not lemon .. vanilla cream!! so i sent Him THIS picture .. just to make sure He gets it right...... after all i am not craving anything except cream filled.. sighhhhhhhhh

and i very nicely pointed out to Him that i am fantasizing about the cream oozing out that tiny little hole.. and how i love to lick all that cream up.. and maybe even suck it out.........
before taking a nice BIG bite out of it........


Melinda, mom of Noah said... the way you described fantasizing and eating that donut...that is exactly what I would have said! :O hahahah

I never had one either till I lived in Colorado....and they ARE superb! None around me now where I live which is probably a blessing in disguise!

Buffalo said...

Your last paragraph almost had me breathing hard.

Sir said...

I wonder if you are getting confused with WHAT you are licking and having cream oozing out,

you are talking about donuts or something else???

Owner of morningstar

Whitesnake said...

I don't do deserts ^-^

Anonymous said...

Ummm. Okay. I understand liking pain. And slavery, yeah...fine.


Oh my word...I don't get it...Can you explain this to me??

(just kidding lovie...I hope your Sir comes thru for you!)

littleone said...

Ok.. Buffalo first!! You said:"Your last paragraph almost had me breathing hard." donuts do that to You Buffalo???!!!! (wicked grin)

whitesnake - more's the pity then .. you'll never know what you are missin (wicked grin)

and anonymous .. OF course Sir came through for me.. in more ways than one.. i will probably post about it today .. if Sir gives me some time..

Anonymous said...

Krispie Kreme started where I come from. I grew up on them. Imagine the shock, the horror, of moving to the Midwest and discovering that they had no freaking idea what Krispie Kreme was!
Krispie Kreme did finally trickle in here but without much luck. There is nothing in the world to compare to buying donuts as they come off the line. Hot, melting in your mouth and oh so sweet. At the stores back home everyone would wait impatiently for that little red sign to come on indicating the donuts were being made now. I miss them so much. Getting a box of them cold in a grocery store just does not do them justice! As good as they are...unless they are fresh and hot they just aren't Krispie Kreme!

Oh my now I am homesick!


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