Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Job Benefits..

But. I have a harder time with the slave does that benefit you to give all your power over to another? I understand it in the guise of a game, but as a life, which is what you describe...why?

Please remember - these are ONLY my opinions.......

That question was left in my comments section yesterday. And it is a fair question.. why would anyone want to turn over power to another?? What benefits do they get from it??

i am not entirely sure how to answer this...... it is a tough question..... how does one describe something that is so much a part of who or what they are.. like the colour of their eyes?? Cloud - a friend of ours - jokes that in a roomful of Doms nothing would get done because no one would be there to follow the orders.. in a roomful of submissives/slaves nothing would be done because no one would order it.. BUT in a room of switches there would be one helluva lot done ! (ok that made perfect sense to me when i wrote it .. now?? i am not too sure if you can follow the analogy)

All humans benefit from doing what is in their nature... if they love to read then they acquire great pleasure from reading.. if they love music then they acquire great pleasure from listening - or playing an instrument. If you are submissive you acquire great pleasure from serving the one you love.... and it doesn't have to be JUST in a BDSM relationship!! Think about it for a minute.. you spend hours making your lover's favourite dinner.. setting a nice table .. having everything ready when they come home... and you beam !! because you have pleased the one you love.

The benefits lie in the pleasing......... in living within your own true nature.

And so i am saying.. being submissive is not a game.. it is very much a part of who and what i am. i acquire great pleasure from pleasing .. from serving. And that is only one of the "job benefits".. the others are much more visceral...... in my case a good flogging or whipping or needle session.. pain in other words. and endorphins. and yeah sex.. (damn i had hoped to not have to bring up that dirty word !!) Pretty darn good benefits if you ask me..


CLoud said...
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CLoud said...

Benefits all around as for my saying say is good up to the switches , I said a room full there would be one hell of a play party going on.

littleone said...

yeah yeah i know Cloud.. i took literary license to make it work with the theme of the blog........ geeez the world's a critic now.. LOL..

whitesnake said...

See, now i am learning more.

Thank you.

Sorry ya had ta get mad though.

Anonymous said...

Nods, nods, reads, reads and nods, yep, true, yep, nods, FLINCHES and reels......Gessshhhh why did ya have to bring up whipping?

GROANS and pants deeply... (breathe rose breathe)...

My Master is visiting me in just over 5 weeks and I am literally weak at the knees lusting for it.... lusting for the rush, the pain, the mindspace, the endorphines, adrenalyn .....

*groans and winks*

Hope your feeling better soon hon! Your words sure make sense to me.


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