Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Once a long time ago Sir and i discovered (i can't remember who found them first - but i suspect it was Sir) a site that had 124 Rules for submissives..... i went looking today and found them .. not on the original site but nevertheless the same rules.. 124 Rules!!!

Most of them made me roll my eyes...... some of them made sense... but what i couldn't get over was the number - 124!! who could remember all of them??? i doubt even the Dominant who wrote them would be able to remember all of them... and then .. what is the point??? If a rule is not remembered it can easily be broken.. if the submissive is not corrected immediately it will and can lead to trouble.. so why 124???

i have rules to live by .. most certainly NOT 124...... but still i have rules. i am not sure Sir or i have ever actually counted them. Sometimes i joke with other submissives about rules.. i say the only rule that one needs to remember is rule #1 which says "The Dominant is always right".. rule #2 says when in doubt refer to rule #1. But all joking aside rules are important. They help keep things running smoothly. Submissives need rules - boundaries - so that they know they are cared for and loved.

So why am i going on today about rules?? Because i broke one of the simplest rules going... always ask for permission before doing anything! Simple right?? So how do i forget it?? i call it a knee jerk reaction.. Sir says He is going to have to do something about my knees! and know what?? i agree with Him.

Sometimes i am impulsive.. i get going on something and get all involved and unfocused and next thing i know i have committed to something.. or bought something or done something without permission. i believe it is a character fault.. this impulsiveness of mine. It lands me in trouble all the time.. with Sir and within my vanilla life.

Sir says He is working on a punishment for my latest knee jerk.......i deserve it...... promising not to do it again is no good.. and as i tell my kiddies at school.. saying you're sorry only works when you change the behaviour........ i wish i knew how to change my knee jerks..........

day 3 - 20 minutes with Robin Williams and the treadmill.


Sir said...

Maybe morningstar,your readers can think of a good punishment for you breaking this rule??

Owner of the rule breaker

dana and ginger said...

You know what I find challenging? It is too hard to bow down to someone who cannot think as fast or as far as the 'me' who is supposed to be the submissive.

Life is hard but I want it to be easier I really do. (the new dana coming soon)

mian said...

be so grateful that you get punishments. It is quite lonely with no domming in your life, of ANY kind believe me.

dana and havent a clue how closely i can identify with that situation. and it makes me sad. thank you for pinpointing something that i have been struggling with.

hugs morningstar....
oh i am going back to blogger...soon as i get a template done..sorry for jamming up your comments... **shy smile**

Anonymous said...

We get to pick her punishment?? Oh my Lord! Dream come true! The possibilities are positively endless!

Are there limits? No? Well yay! That works out perfectly -for me. ;)

I'll have to think on it. This is serious business!


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