Wednesday, October 04, 2006

time tables and tasks

i am constantly being reminded of the old saying "be careful for what you wish..... you might just get it" When Sir and i were talking about raising the bar a notch or two, one of the things that i said i wanted was more tasks. Sir pointed out to me that i don't need a schedule to clean the house or do the laundry as - well - to put it mildly - i am a little anal about such things. BUT i insisted i really really wanted tasks to do, lists of tasks to do. i would handle everything.. honest i would.

Well a few days ago or maybe longer, i honestly have no memory of this. Sir told me to work on an entry for my fictional journal. i of course promptly forgot, OR didn't hear Him. OR chose not to hear Him........ whatever !! Yesterday i got an email from Sir stating i could complete my task. what task i wondered??!! i asked Him for a hint. Of course the hint didn't help at all. Sir gave me until this morning to remember, then it was to go on the punishment list. This morning i wrote in my private journal to Him that i hadn't remembered.. So this afternoon when i got home, there was an email with the url for my fictional blog. (slap me upside the head now please!!)

Now i was faced with cleaning the house, doing a load of laundry AND writing in my fictional journal. (yesterday - it is interesting to note - i had nothing else scheduled to do !!) All the while i was cleaning i was thinking about my assurances to Sir that i could and would handle all the schedules and tasks. i would !! And so i did!!!

So folks for your reading pleasure.. (if your reading pleasure runs to the erotic that is.. BDSM erotic) you can hit the link at the right "fictional journey".............

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