Thursday, October 26, 2006


i had a surprise birthday........... no no not quite the type you are all imagining... the bug that struck me down on Sunday kept me down .. right through my birthday - SURPRISE !!

But it wasn't a bad day actually - let me share ...

By noon i was feeling very sorry for myself.. Sir had planned such a special day for my birthday - a visit with the new grandson... out for dinner then home for what i suspect was to be my birthday spanks........ instead i was lying on the couch with wobbly legs, runny nose and a headache that wouldn't quit. And i hadn't heard from anyone.... anyone !! The phone rang just after noon and it was the clown i call 'boss' just calling to wish me a Happy Birthday!! i was very touched.........

Then at 3:00 who should walk in my door but my Sir !!! with a cup of my favourite coffee from Timmy Ho's....... (a Canadian coffee joint) He sat with my feet up on His lap and we chatted and i napped... i hated not being better company for Sir.. but it was so nice to have Him here with me...... even just for a couple of hours !!

Then.. today... i was well enough to head back to school (of course i was !! my birthday was over ) and just around noon time my baby daughter came in to school bearing a huge tray of cupcakes complete with candles for me to share with my "friends".. god i felt all of 6 years old again !!! How that girl managed to find time to bake me cupcakes with a new baby is beyond me... but my heart grew 3 sizes !!!
So .. despite the bug of bugs trying its best to ruin my birthday...... my Sir and daughter worked (and schemed together i am sure!!) to make it as special as they could.........

what a lucky woman i am !!!!

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Buffalo said...

By the way, Happy Birthday, you cheeky little Canuck. I'm glad you're here.

RAheretic's swan said...

I am, of course, late -- but I hope you had a very happy birthday. I know I thank all the good fairies for you, and celebrate this anniversary of your birth. Many, many happy returns!


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