Tuesday, October 10, 2006

rambling thoughts about "toys"

We have a lot of "toys" .. i never really thought about the term .. toys.. but i did on Sunday night when Sir had me strung up from the chains and was using the quirt on me. You see.. the quirt was purchased at a tack shop. It is meant to be used on horses - not humans.

As Sir was using the quirt on my ass and back i visualized the quirt being used on a horse.. to make it go faster.. to make it behave... i actually have no idea why anyone would use a quirt on a horse.. (not being a horsewoman myself - in fact i have never even sat on a horse).... BUT if it is sold in a tack shop it must have some use for horses.

In my mind that made the quirt different from our other toys.. and therefore should have a different catagory. Most of our toys are just that .. toys that have been made by other BDSMers for use on a submissive's ass or various other body parts. Somehow.. for some reason.. on Sunday night .. i got it into my head that those toys.. the ones specifically created for BDSM play can't be nearly as fierce or bad as those actually made for horses. We have 2 buggy whips as well... and as much as they have been used on me frequently .. never before did i feel a need to find another catagory for these REAL implements.

Now i have no idea why this whole catagorizing of the toys is suddenly important to me.. maybe it is just a left over effect from the fairies whispering in my ear about horses asses and what nots... but i am curious.. does everyone call their BDSM implements "toys"???
Do you have "toy boxes" you store them in??? do you surf the net looking for new toys?? do you go to leather events hoping to find another "toy" something not yet in the "toy box"??

So what do i do with my REAL whips and quirts?? what do i call them?? They can't be toys can they?? if they have a REAL use??? AND why in heaven's name am i fussing over this??? oh welllll i am just gonna put it down to leftover fairy gossip.....


Anonymous said...

I call ours either toys or tools and keep them in a toy box. It is a pretty childish name for things that hurt so dang much though.


mian said...

Wwe call ours toys, i am sure the most popular term. But now that kaya says that.....hmmm...it is kinda odd isnt it?


deb said...

His are called toys ... and are kept in a toy bag ... my little thing is that i can not call them mine ... i have a hard time to even touch them unless i am told to fetch them. They are His toys to be played with on His toy.

RAheretic's swan said...

I don't know...
They are usually kept on the headboard in a basket, in the corners, in the closet, in a trunk, draped over the stocks -- the darn things seem to crawl all over the place no matter what I do with them...
If we travel, sometimes He packs a few into His bag -- unless we are off to a full blown event. In that case we DO have the Toybag from Hell. It is big enough to cart just about everything, and it has wheels and can be lugged along behind my straining, sweating, grunting, muscular... Oh, nevermind -- I digress.
I tend to think of them in the singular usually. So they all have names: The Hairbrush Paddle, The Crop, The Stinger, etc. Occasionally, I prefix those names with colorful expletives. He sometimes talks about His "extensive collection of professionally crafted implements." How's that for a descriptor?
Not sure any of that is anywhere close to your thinking, but it seems to be where my mind is tonight.


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