Monday, October 30, 2006

Hints and suggestions...

Now i love to lend a helping hand to your average friendly masochist subbie.. i am always available to offer suggestions... and sometimes .. ughhh.. suggestions are sent back my way.. and Sir usually .. almost always .. takes up the gauntlet so to speak...

A few months ago.. god only knows how long ago.. i wrote about Mr. Mat, and how it was a punishment mat for me.. when i fidget too much Sir will have me sit my cute lil ass on it for a prescribed length of time. Now kaya read about Mr Mat and apparently just had to have one... today kaya beguiled us all with a story about her experiences with Mr Mat.. only they have nicknamed it 'non slip slave runner ' ... i read and chuckled .. seemed to me pay back is fair game.. After all because of kaya i am now the proud owner of a tack bra (which might i add.. Sir had me wear to a vanilla birthday brunch yesterday - for 7 hours !!! AND despite feeling like my breasts were raw hamburger meat by the time we got home.. i didn't even have a mark!!)

BUT i digress...........i wanted to offer a suggestion to kaya.. or anyone else who has a "thing" for Mr Mats... when Sir and i were at camp this summer.. we saw an innovative usage for these mats........ someone covered a chair with the prickly mat added some restraints .. et voila .. a torture devise worthy of the Spanish Inquistion.

(double click on the picture of the chair to see a larger version)

(and for those of you interested.. i have added to my fictional blog - link at the right - )


Anonymous said...

Oh lord. And much bigger spikes on that one too. Ow.

Someone else suggested that Mr. Mat would make a nice paddle covering. And even as I'm cringing, you know I'm going to do it. Gah. I'm so.. what's the word that means easily led by suggestions? My mind is mush today. Whatever that word is(is it submissive?, that's what I am.

Isn't that crazy about the tack bra? No marks. It makes me feel like such a whiney-ass when I've begged and begged to have it off and then there is nothing to show for it. Then He's like *pffft... ya big baby."



The Michael said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I HAVE to have one of these. In fact my pet is owed a punishment, I believe I will get one for the weekend and introduce her to The Non-Slip Slave Runner.

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