Wednesday, October 18, 2006


It is almost my birthday........ almost!!! When i was little my birthday was a very special day..... at least my parents always made sure it was very special.. there was always the kid's party and the family party.. some years i would have 2 complete birthday parties... when my kids were little i did the same thing for them.. a tradition.. when you think about it.. your birthday is really the only day that is special just for you.. a day you don't have to share with anyone else .. unless of course you are a twin.. but i digress.. birthdays are your special day!!

i have had many ........ many .. birthdays.......... and some of them were less than memorable... the year my dad died... the year my Mistress decided i was too old for her anymore... the years that my ex couldn't remember that it even WAS my birthday...........

Now i am very lucky.. my baby daughter believes in the philosophy of it being your one special day!! My Sir believes in my birthday at least ( He tends to pooh pooh His.. and all other holidays....... BUT my birthday .. well now that is a different thing altogether!!)

And i realized this morning.. it isn't the birthday meals .. or the birthday cake.. or the presents that make my day special (at least not now .. after soooooo many many birthdays - LOL - do you get the feeling that i am feeling just a tad old??) BUT it is the time that is being spent organising my special celebration!!! It is the thought and caring and love that is going into planning my day........ that is what makes me feel loved and cared for......... and it IS a very nice warm fuzzy feeling.........

i am wondering .... just curious actually.... seeing as my birthday falls in the middle of the week.... and i am seeing Sir on THE day.. and on the celebration day the weekend after... do i get double the birthday spanks???


CLoud said...

What mere birthday spanks for such a sub I think Sir would have more imagination for his sub . I know that cake is out ot the question because you are too sweet but what about candles? HOw about , what you are 29 so how about 29 birhtday candles of hot wax dripped on various parts of our body and then removal of said wax by whip or paddle. What do you think? Oh if I have made an error on the number of year your Sir can correct this to the proper qty for both the candles and the strokes. Of course should he not have enough hands I would happily volanteer mine to help out.

Of course I have other ideas involving candle insertions, and watching you trying to blow them out while gaged but those I will keep for your Sir!

A very happy birthday to you my friend

Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray that you are doubly rewarded for your birthday. :D


littleone said...

Cloud!!!!!! why do i get the feeling You are just itching to play??? or is it just itching to exercise Your imagination??? LOL.... and yeah 29 candles is about right.. give or take a few...

and kaya.. thanks.. i too am hoping for a double dose of birthday spanks..

Anonymous said...

I meant to say, too, that birthday candles look great perched atop needles stuck in a birthday-spanked butt.

You know, so your Sir can sing the birthday song to you all proper like. :D


rosebud3cc said...

I am new to your blog and have added you as a link in mine (I hope you dont mind - please let me know if you DO!).

I must say happy birthday to YOU and thank you for sharing your thoughts in such an open journal, you inspire me and more to the point, I dont quite feel like I am the only slave/sub in the world anywmore.

Happy birthday again.


Sir said...

Well folks.... since I still have a few days to go, I am picking up vibes to lots of candles for morningstar..

I just had a flash, what about getting and placing the correct amount of sparklers all over her bode and then light them as fast as I can so they all go at the same time, don't you think that is neat?

Owner of the almost birthday sub morningstar

Alex Zagrev said...

Hi! I'm very glad for you and for your daughter. It is true a very special day and such philosophy is justified.

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