Thursday, May 19, 2022

Genital jewelry story contd

 So remember the shock of the staff?

Well fast forward 24 hours.....3 doctors are standing at the foot of my bed discussing the fact I need an MRI and how to remove the jewelry.  I laid here listening and after trying to explain how it was put on some years ago I finally announced it would be easier to show them. (I do have a devilish streak) one of the docs ran to get a nurse and I whipped down my pjs and tugged the jewelry up and showed them. One doc tentatively touched it - then he started to twist the ball hoping it would open.  No success. I finally said I don't need it anymore so cut it off! That started a whole new discussion how to cut it where would they find cutters. One bright spot suggested ob/gyn The meeting of the minds was dismissed and they all disappeared.

Fast forward a couple of hours when they all reappeared with an intern carrying some cutters HUGE cutters!  I pulled the jewelry up the cutters slipped under the loop. I held my breath and then snip I heard the ring snap!

As they were getting ready to leave I said " bet none of you thought when you came into work you would be removing clit jewlery!

And we parted with a giggle


  1. I got a mental picture of some guy coming at your lady bits with a chain saw! Glad it was slightly less traumatic. I'm guessing all the doctors and nurses know you now and thinking of your adornments probably makes them smile.

  2. *giggles* It took them hours to figure out how to get the job done? Ok, maybe they had other stuff to do, but I rather like the picture of a bunch of doctors trying to figure out how to get your jewelry off of you.

  3. Okay, that just made my day! Seriously, it shouldn't have been that difficult, but...then again...

  4. Oh goodness Morningstar, surely it shouldn't have been that difficult. I have visions in my head too lol. I bet the doctors didn't expect to be removing jewlery either lol


  5. That kind of has me wondering if they didn't spend some of that time away, on the phone, getting some legal advice. As in "OMG, how much trouble am I in if this goes wrong" :)


  6. Another longtime lurker, rare commenter here. Just want to say how sorry I was to hear of your diagnosis. Hope you can feel all the love, support and positive vibes that we readers are sending your way.

  7. We all think that doctors and nurses have seen it all, but this was an eye-opener for then all! It made my day.

    Stay strong, dear friend.


  8. Anonymous4:18 am

    Morningstar, long time lurker, have just read your updates, so sorry to hear your diagnosis, pleased to see you still have your devilish side, sending huge and good wishes to you, Sir Steve and the little one

  9. Anonymous12:02 pm

    OMG! Morningstar!!!! That made me spit out my tea!!! I can just see it in my head!!!! How I wish I was a fly on the wall for that conversation!

    Keep the devil going my friend! Those doctors need a laugh and a poke to get them out of their conservative mindsets!!!!

    Love and hugs

  10. First, I'm so sorry to hear about the diagnosis and am sending heaps of positive thoughts your way.

    But also, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall and see their faces.

    I wonder if any of them ran off to find out from senior consultants etc just *how* necessary it was to have it removed...

    You've just given them a story for the rest of their lives.

    Stay strong!


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