Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday morning dawning

I actually saw the sun come up this morning........... not because I had to..... but because we had an alarm malfunction

I have been thinking for the last couple of hours what to write about the weekend...I had the sub group meeting on Saturday and we all had a good discussion on values..... and Sunday W and i got up early and headed off to Montreal for our monthly food shopping - AND - to join in the family birthday celebrations for middle grandson - who turned a BIG 7 on the weekend.

It was for the most part - a very vanilla weekend.  In fact I do believe that 24/7 looks an awful lot like vanilla life.

I think I had some skewered idea that 24/7 was gonna look a whole lot different - and I am having some trouble adjusting to the reality....... I think I thought life would involve a whole lot more of W ordering me and my obeying............ but it boils down to, we both do what needs to be done.  (and I do try to stay out of his hair as much as possible and do try NOT to talk him to death - without much success so far)  We do attend a couple of munches a month - which keeps the contact with the community.  

All in all life is good - the days run together - and weekends aren't as important as they were when I worked.  

Which means for the most part - the Monday "weekend report" entry will probably go the way of the dodo bird and be replaced by........................ ????   Time will tell.

Happy Monday everyone.


saffy said...

Your comment about not talking your Sir to death made me smile... i think that this is a female thing, and i tend to do it to my One also... 24/7 being vanilla.........It is isnt it. Have a good week
saffy x

Sir said...

I am sorry 24/7 isn't going the way you thought or wanted it to go as I am sure that I have a great deal to do with busting your 24/7 bubble.



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