Saturday, October 25, 2008


yeah.. it is Saturday.. and there is a post to my blog.. surprise !! surprise !!! surprise !!!

Actually i was thinking on Friday morning.. bright and early.. about the weekend.. and i was kinda bubbling over.. and fidgety.. and excited.. and thought if i didn't share i would bust !!!

Ever since i was a kid.. i wanted a surprise birthday....... and people have tried.. yes sireeee they have tried.. but it is pretty hard to surprise someone - well me- when it comes to birthdays ... cause i am not that senile - i do remember when it is !! i know the ones who love me want to give me my dream.......... and so any suspicious setting of dates for 'dinner' raises my radar... so .. after 50 some odd birthdays not one surprise...... until this year.

i asked for.. yes asked for! ... a weekend away for my birthday. i explained after 2 weddings and a frantic September.... i will be more than ready to have a weekend away.. a weekend to relax and enjoy life....... and what better weekend to do that than my birthday weekend......... and good lord.. it actually falls ON a weekend this year !!!

So Sir and i sat down and we planned out my birthday weekend retreat.. we picked and booked the hotel.. i told my girls i was going away (sad face on youngest daughter who really really wanted to celebrate on THE day this year !!) ... no surprise.. it was a done deal !

Then....... well then the stock markets started doing roller coaster rides.. and the Canadian loonie took a nose dive.. and Sir and i talked about it. It didn't make sense to go down to the states for a weekend - when it would be so damn expensive. Sir and i decided we would stay in Canada.. find somewhere up here to hide out..........

i waited for Him to tell me what He had decided.. and waited.. and waited.. and nothing.

Finally i was told what i needed to know............
1) i must be up early on Saturday and ready to go by 9 am
2) it is a long drive (of course anything over an hour or so is long to me)
3) i was instructed to pack the toys i would like to bring - toys??!!
4) i was told to pack the Story of O collar
5) i was told i may wear normal vanilla clothes
6) i was told to pack my black see through dress thingy
and that is all i was told........

so yes i know it is my birthday.. and yes i know i am getting my weekend away.......

BUT .. that is all i know.. and i am bursting at the seams.. i am excited.. i think Sir may have actually done it.. created a surprise birthday for me !! right under my nose !!!

Just wait for the Monday Morning Report.. i will tell all........... till then .. i will fidget and wiggle and enjoy the excitement of the surprise !!!! And revel in the surprise.. and the planning.. and the sheer joy of being owned and loved !!!


selkie said...

have an ABSOULTELY awesome birthday and what a GREAT Sir to plan so beautifully - whatever the surprise is, the anticipation and delight you are feeling right now is worth it all!

Dae said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day... Your suprise! And we will see you when you get back!!

swan said...

Well, here it is Saturday, and by now you are well away with your Sir, and I do hope your surprise is everything you anticipated. Whatever comes your way this weekend, I am wishing you the very happiest of birthdays, and taking just a moment to celebrate the gift that you are in my life.

Hugs, swan


Many happy returns. This all sounds very "cloak and dagger" type exciting. Have a great birthday.


Scarlet said...


I am soooooo excited for YOU!
As Selkie said .... what an AWESOME
Sir to plan this for you!

:D ;D :D ;D

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