Thursday, October 23, 2008

Imaginative Timers

Sir went out for dinner tonight.. and as He is known to do when He will be out in the evenings... He left me a task to complete... a complicated one at best.

Ok.. first off.. Buffalo - blog writer of infamous fame - has gone AWOL.. no blog post for 3 days and not answering emails........ and whatever else Buffalo is.. He most definitely answers cheeky emails from this lil subbie. Therefore my imagination went wild and i imagined evil dark happenings in His corner of the Great White North.

This morning i asked Sir for permission to call Buffalo and noirkat (his wife) if i hadn't heard from them by this evening. Because it is long .... longgggggg.. distance .. and because i do love to chat once i get going.. Sir came up with a wonderful timer.

i had permission to call Buffalo and noirkat ....... but first i had to put the clover clamps on my pussy lips.. and pull out Mr. Mat and sit on it (not just look at it!) and then i could call them......... and as long as i talked to them i had to remain on Mr. Mat. i do believe that Buffalo rather enjoyed knowing (yeah of course i told him!!) that i was sitting on Mr. Mat as he was certainly in no hurry to end the conversation.

(and for anyone who reads Buffalo's ruminations and is wondering.. he is fine as is noirkat - the problem is they have lost their internet connection).

Ok.. once the phone call was done.. i was allowed to get off Mr. Mat......... BUT........ i was not allowed to remove the clamps. Not just yet. Sir has a BIG surprise planned for my birthday weekend.. all i know is that i must be up early on Saturday and it is a long drive (i HATE long drives!!) Anyway....... once i was finished with the phone call.. i was to go downstairs and select toys to bring away with us this weekend... then find a suitcase i wish to take.. pack the toys.. and leave it for Sir to inspect.

THEN.. i could remove the clovers!!

Imaginative timers no??


Scarlet said...

How Clever!

I am VERY happy to hear that Buffalo and Noirkat are fine.

I didn't know your birthday is this weekend .... Hmm .... I'm sure whatever Sir has in mind will be amazing! :D

selkie said...

thank you for letting us know about Buffalo! I have been fretting! and I can just BET he was in NO hurry to get off the phone, closet sadist!

totally can't wait to hear what your birthday surprise is!

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