Sunday, March 30, 2014

Food Glorious Food!!

Our wonderful holiday package included a day at the spa -well they gave us $25 towards a day at the spa.  W went onto their website to see just how far $25 went - wanna guess???   He discovered the only thing $25 would buy was 1 lip balm!!  

On the brighter side we did get 2 European breakfasts and one 5 star dining experience.  We decided to enjoy the 5star meal on Wednesday (seeing as we had plans to spend Thursday at the Falls and didn't want to have to keep an eye on the clock to be back in time for a formal dinner)

We arrived at the restaurant just after 6 - and the restaurant was empty........ W said he felt like a rich man who had closed down the restaurant just for US - that made me feel more like a princess than you can imagine........... 

First course - well for me - was onion soup.  Weirdest onion soup I have ever seen !! They brought the bowl with a clump of purple "stuff" in the middle (that turned out to be onion marmalade) and a thin toast twist with a slice of provolone cheese through the center........ and then the waiter poured the broth into the bowl.  Coming from Quebec it wasn't your "typical" onion soup - but yummmm it was good!!

Then I ordered pork tenderloin on root vegetables.  The tenderloin was wrapped in sausage and bacon skins.   I found it extremely salty - finally carved the wrapping off the tenderloin and that was much better !!!

And for desert I ordered an apple tart crumble with sour cream ice cream.  It looked very pretty!!  And that is all I am saying on the subject!

Breakfast both mornings looked pretty much like this.................. 

lots of smoked salmon and other mystery meats... cheeses... scones .. fruit...granola...yogurt etc,  W and I opted for toasted bagels and coffee.

At Niagara Falls we stopped for lunch at my all time favourite Chinese Restaurant - the Mandarin.  I am so spoiled as W isn't a big fan of chinese food. I absolutely gorged myself - which is pretty rare - even W said he had never seen me eat as much.....

which meant I no more wanted to eat dinner come 7:30 than fly.  But we went to a little sports bar near our hotel. 

 W thought I should try and eat something to hold me till breakfast so I opted for their 'basket of shrimp'....

Friday we ate lunch at the Lone Star - I had fajitas but no pictures - sorry. 

By the time we got to the munch around 7pm, the last thing on my mind was eating yet again!!   I opted for 3 pancakes at the munch (the restaurant serves breakfast all day)
Don't you find that holidays seem to be food and more food - till you can't wait to get home and have some simple plain home cooking????

AND the last thing I have to report from our holiday.................

The hotel offered several of their "things" - like robes/blankets etc - for sale to take home as souvenirs.  There were two beautiful dragonfly etched glasses in the bathroom.  I wanted them!!  I am not one for typical tourist souvenirs - but these glasses were quality glasses - with NO "Niagara on the Lake" or "Niagara Falls" or even "Hampton House Hotel" anywhere on them.  They were on the hotel's shopping list so I asked for 2.  "Oooooooops sorry  we don't have any"   See my sad face??? 

We took our luggage out to the car and W went back in to turn in our keys and sign out.  Imagine my surprise when he came sauntering out of the hotel with a blue shopping bag in his hand !!  Inside were my two dragonfly glasses.  Honestly the man can work miracles!!  

I came home feeling like a very spoiled 'princess'!! 


Sharon S said...

Girl, you are so blessed (I am jealous-smile)! Your getaway looked and sounded perfect. You did the one thing I always do when I go away, eat everything in sight and I love every mouth full, weird ice cream combo and all.

Again, your W is fantastic; not every love can pull off obtaining the elusive take home gift. You guys are a great couple, hold tight to each other.

Hugs, Sharon

Sir said...

I am sorry I screwed up by misunderstanding you wanted 2 sets and knot just 2 glasses...

I am sure I can arrange to get another set sent..


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