Wednesday, September 25, 2013


On Friday I put The Journey on Hiatus - on Saturday W asked me if I had permission to stop writing on The Journey.

I have been thinking about that....the permission thing.  And no I did not have permission to take a break from writing.  And I was wrong to just do it,  (though truthfully I believe if I had told W I was done with writing for now he would have shrugged his shoulders and told me to do what I wanted - he's like that you see) 

BUT that isn't any reason to have just stopped without permission.  

So I think I will pick up where I left off before this whole permission thing - I do have some thoughts on 24/7 and it not being some fun fantasy of whips and chains and floggers oh my !!!  (though - with my luck - W will probably ask why I started writing again without permission........... le sigh............ sometimes one can't win for trying)


saffy said...

glad you are back and look forward to reading some more of your writing. (((hugs)))

kaya said...

24/7 can be a hugely difficult transition. I'm looking forward to your thoughts. :)

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