Friday, October 03, 2008

Counting the days

i realized today that i have been doing a lot of counting of days just recently........

i have had this bug for 13 days..
i am on my 5th day of antibiotics..
and i think i may be at the end of it........ i only cough up a lung every 3 or 4 hours now.. big improvement over every 15 minutes... and i have some energy left at the end of the day.. Yesterday i managed to clean the upstairs bathroom and change the bed linens when i got home.. i made a tentative menu for the weekend and made sure i had all the food necessary.. it may not sound like much....... but after 12 days of coming home and collapsing.. it seems like a huge improvement to me!!

It has been almost a month since i was healthy enough for a good session of pain and play......... and amazingly enough today i felt those old familiar stirrings in my pussy.... and i wasn't even doing anything to cause it.. in fact i was busy booking an appointment for a parent / teacher interview.. go figure !!!

i have 9 days left in my 'wedding season'
The wedding dress left my house for a final pressing and will return sometime next week..
Wedding jitters have hit.. along with all those last minute things that haunt every wedding..
BUT in 10 days it will all be over.. and Sir and i will be having brunch with my brother and his wife and family......

Once that is over and done... then i can count the number of days until Sir and i steal away for a weekend to celebrate my birthday.......

And then .. life .. hopefully.. maybe.. will return to quiet bliss.........

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Buffalo said...

Return to quiet bliss? Is it possible to return to a place you've never been?

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