Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Back on Track

Life is back on track again around here......... Sir Steve seems to be over the bug... I am only suffering slightly from muscle cramping and nausea....  YAY !!

I do have some shocking news .......... surprisingly shocking... good shocking...

A couple of weeks ago when we were at the craft fairs.... we ran into the lil one, her mother and grandmother.  The grandmother came over to speak with Sir Steve.  Both of us held our breathe expecting some drama.  

BUT No .... she wanted to ask our advise about buying the lil one a tutu for Christmas..... WOW..... 2 important things about that... 1) it's actually a 'good' Christmas present compared to the stuffies and useless stuff they usually buy her... and 2) they asked us !!!

 BUT wait it gets better.......... 

On Sunday night Sir Steve received an email from the mother (only contact between mother and father is by email by court order) asking if the grandmother could drop off the tutu and dance bag on Monday........ an early Christmas present.
Sir Steve explained he wouldn't be here but that I would be........... 

I was a little stressed about facing the grandmother on Monday afternoon..... BUT shock shock she was absolutely pleasant to me when she arrived. Of course I did go on and on about what a great gift it was for the lil one.... and how clever she was to think of it.... (I was so sweet and sugary it almost made me gag) BUT it was worth it... she actually chuckled with me - fussed over the dog -- and was more than civil.  First time in 2 years !!!!  Maybe I am not the 'Scarlet Letter Woman' anymore??? maybe I've been upgraded a little bit??? 

Whatever !!  BUT maybe there's hope of there being a little more civilized relationship between the 2 families ?? 

Life is good when there's hope that family feuds might end............

Monday, November 12, 2018

Worst of Times - the Best of Times

This weekend really was the worst of times....... 

Saturday Sir Steve and I had plans - shopping then lunch out and a movie........ BUT when I woke up Saturday morning I felt sooooooo bloody sick.  I had a headache and my muscles hurt so badly .. I was nauseated .... and couldn't face the thought of budging off the sofa.  I cried.  I felt I was letting him down.... and I was scared.. what the hell was wrong with me??!!

I was hot ... I was cold.  If I moved my muscles trembled.  If I got up to walk I was dizzy and thought I was gonna throw up.  

I sipped juice and slept 

By Saturday night I was worse... if that's possible.  I was throwing up........ well retching and feeling like I was gonna tear my innards out.   

I was so scared........ what was wrong with me?  This wasn't like any gastro bug I have ever had........ 

My sleep Saturday night was like a giant nightmare... I remember being feverish then cold..... tossing and turning because my body hurt so badly.... 

Sunday morning I woke feeling like I had been pulled through a wringer.  I still had the nausea and achy muscles but not nearly as bad on Saturday.  It was another quiet day on the sofa.  Sir Steve and I watched football games......... and he fetched juice for me when I wanted/needed it.  By dinner time I was feeling improved.... Sir Steve suggested an ordered in dinner.  My brain went YES PLEASE!!!  but after I ate my stomach said "WTF were you thinking??" but I managed to keep it down.

When we went to bed he wrapped his arms around me like always and grabbed a breast (his security blanket - grinning) and I drifted off to sleep thankful I have a man who refuses to leave my side even when I am sick..... who doesn't leave me alone with the scary thoughts that rise up in the 
dark ....

This morning my symptoms have leveled off...... still have the nausea and achy muscles but my brain is clear.  I am sane enough to know I am not dying.... and 99% sure these are just more of the withdrawal symptoms  -- JUST!  

Life is good when your man doesn't leave you alone when you are down for the count!  

Sunday, November 11, 2018


This is Memorial Hall in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

At 11:00 am on the 11th of November the sun streams through the window illuminating the headstone from the grave of Canada's Unknown soldier.

Lest we forget ........... 

Friday, November 09, 2018


I have always had schedules......... from when I was young to the present day.  I love my schedules -- not necessarily what is on them -- BUT schedules keep my life ordered and give me some sense of control over my daily life.  

Living by a schedule can have it's down side........ like when someone outside my head adds something to my schedule - for example a doctor's appointment.  Grrrr it really does raise my stress levels.

I loved it when I lived alone -- cause my schedules were mine and didn't have to take into consideration anyone else's schedules.....though I did still have to deal with unexpected interruptions for outside things.

One of the things I took into consideration before I moved here to live with Sir Steve was the obvious shift to my personal schedule.  But I adapted and even managed to incorporate his schedule and the lil one's schedule into mine -- making it my schedule.  

Now my weekly schedule looks pretty much like this..........

For the lil one with mild adjustments on Friday and Monday......

                            Breakfast and ready for school from 6:15 to 7:45
                            Pick up from the bus at 2:45
                           Keep an eye on her till Sir Steve comes home 
                           and then make dinner

For me alone

                           Monday is laundry day
                           Tuesday is grocery shopping and running messages
                           Wednesday is baking day
                           Thursday is cleaning day


Friday is my day........ once the lil one gets on the bus in the morning the rest of the day is all for me.  Most Fridays I give myself a manicure and shower and just pamper myself.  The best part about Friday is - I never have to look at a clock !  I can sit on my ass ..... binge watch movies.... eat bon-bons 

The weekends have no real schedule -- I just go along with whatever Sir Steve's schedule is....... and what he has planned.

I was thinking today as I painted my nails how much I love my schedules.  How accomplished I feel by Friday -- all my tasks done.  I realize I am a very contented submissive.  

Life is good when I follow my schedules

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