Friday, May 26, 2017

Play Time

Sir Steve loves knives (one more thing we have in common) and collects them.  A while back I saw a set of knives that caught my eye.  They made me think of dragons -- another passion of Sir Steve's.  So I purchased them........  

I say them because as much as the above picture looks like one knife -- they are actually two -- one fits inside the other in the leather sheaf.

Apart they look like this............. 

Sir Steve has had those knives sitting on his bedside table since I gave them to him.  I will admit to lusting over them -- wanting to feel the cold steel against my skin.  But I never brought it up with him... 'cause he has to want to do knife play for me to really enjoy it.  I want to feed off his desire to mark my body -- off his desire to slide the blade up and down my body -- off his desire to play.

The other night we were joking around after going to bed.... and one thing lead to another -- and the next thing I knew the larger of the two knives was pressed against my skin.... sliding up and down my back -- over my ass -- down my legs.  His strong hand hot against my skin as he held my leg still -- or when he pressed my ass into the bed.... not a word was spoken -- I could hear his breathing -- hear my soft moans... feel the heat building in my body......

The big knife was amazingly and sharp and pricky....... but when Sir Steve switched to the small one I nearly jumped.  It had a much lighter touch -- but ohhhhhhh so sharp!  And it slid so easily between my legs -- playing in my jewelry - sliding ever so carefully between my legs -- his hand holding me open -- exposing my delicate bits to the kiss of the blade. 

In the old days people would comment on how sensual our knife play was -- but the other night we took sensual to a whole new level........ and it was beautiful.

Play time with Sir Steve was always good before -- and is only getting better now there are no rules....... and that my dear friends is a very good thing!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


These last couple of months I have felt like I have been holding my breath.  


that's not true -- I have been holding my breath since January...... 

First time was because I was sure Sir Steve wouldn't come back to visit... 

Then I was holding it because it all felt too good ya know ?  and I was sure someone or something would pop my bubble..... 

Then came the great apartment hunt -- and I found it -- that special quirky lil place and then it was time to wait and hold my breath cause the date to move was so far away... and god only knew what could happen before I actually got to move....... 

And then finally I was in the car following Sir Steve down the highway -- and I thought I could breathe again ......... BUT ......... I hadn't heard from the management company and oh lord  what if something happened and I couldn't have the new place (don't ask me what could happen -  but something might happen ya know!!)  

I have been constantly looking at the calendar and watching June 1st creep closer and closer .. day by day... and I still hadn't heard from the management company.. and I pictured all sorts of solutions to imaginary problems......... 


Yesterday afternoon the phone rang....... the management company had called to set up an appointment for me to sign the lease on June 1st!! As planned -- no hitches -- no problems... 

Maybe now I can finally breathe ... maybe?? 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


On Mother's day there were some memes going around FB about single Dads and how they should be acknowledged on Mother's Day.  My initial reaction was -- 'why?!  there's Father's day?!!'  But then you have to realize I was raised by parents who did not believe in these 'special days'.  I can still hear my father saying "Why is there one day to acknowledge your parents?? Children should acknowledge their parents EVERY day!"  

BUT all that aside -- I have watched Sir Steve over these last 5 months juggle his day job with the house chores -- with raising a 4 year old by himself.   Yeah I admire him for it -- but again -- my practical side says 'there's lots of single moms doing all that and more too" I think it's just a bit more rare to see a dad with custody of the children.  AND certainly my experience with Dads in general is that they are a bit like a deer caught in the headlights when they are faced with single parenthood..... like no one has prepared them for double duty.

When we first started talking about my moving here -- spending more time with them both - I made it pretty clear I wasn't looking to become a 'step mom' to the lil one.  I've done with raising my kids -- I've done my teaching kids -- and I've done my working with 'special' kids and I was done!

BUT I was willing to offer advise -- put my professional hat on and make suggestions that might make life run a little smoother -- things like setting rules and sticking to them -- setting boundaries and not moving them.  It's hard though for mom or dad to come home from work tired and have to stick to the rules and boundaries -- it's so much easier to turn on the TV and let the rules and boundaries slide.  BUT if you love your child you try damn hard to maintain the rules and boundaries -- and eventually with time -- things start to run a little smoother -- and the children start to be more confident -- more relaxed -- more responsible.

That doesn't mean there aren't bad days and worse nights.  There have been nights where Sir Steve has had little to no sleep because of bad dreams -- or the odd night when the lil one has a bed wetting accident and sheets are being changed in the dead of night -- and the alarm still rings at the same time regardless of no sleep -- the day looms ahead with the responsibilities that day light brings.

I have nothing but respect for any single parent -- but I'm a little more invested in this single parent ... a little more sympathetic -- a little more impressed by how he can leap tall buildings in a single bound -- juggle a bowl of cereal with a glass of milk while he's packing the lunch bag and stuffing the homework into the school bad. 

In my humble opinon his super power IS being a single dad  and his determined attitude that he's got this!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A little Blip

Well I had a little blip on the weekend.  Saturday I woke up with a small tiny sore throat.  I told Sir Steve "I am not sick -- it's just a small tiny cold bug".  

We went off to the munch/barbeque and had a great time.  Sir Steve got to meet a lot of new people -- we stuffed ourselves on salads and hamburgers and sweets. We watched the fireworks.  And......... I got cold... colder... coldest!  By the time we got in the car to head back to Kingston I was frozen!! When we curled into bed we snuggled and I passed out - dosed up on Tylenol and cold medicine.

Sunday we got up and loaded up my car as planned and headed off to the trailer.  I didn't have much energy -- but I just kept repeating it's just a small tiny cold -- I am NOT sick.  Sunday night at bedtime we snuggled in bed and I passed out again from the Tylenol and cold medicine.

Monday -- truthfully - I felt like crap!  My bones ached -- my sinuses ached --  and I had absolutely NO energy.  

We loaded up the cars and came down the highway to Cornwall.  I barely got my car unloaded before I climbed into a nice hot bath.   I had to admit the small tiny cold might just be beating my ass.  (insert BIG sigh) 

It wasn't quite the way I imagined our first 'forever' weekend together....... but it is what it is..... Sir Steve made me coffee -- and made tortellini for dinner and made me stay on the sofa and relax.  

My imagined first 'forever' weekend wasn't what I expected -- but we've got forever to make up for it.............  

Sunday, May 21, 2017