Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

UGH -- yesterday I took the lil one down to her crafts group in the sunshine (walking not driving)... the weather man had issued a severe storm warning -- but the sun was out -- what does the weather man know?!

Well 20 minutes after we got there the storm moved in -- and people more in the know than me said that there was a tornado warning out  UGH!!!  I was so scared!  and the worst bit was I had left all the windows and vents open in the trailer.  After a couple of frantic text messages to Sir Steve -- and causing him stress -- the sun came back out and the lil one and I managed to walk back to the trailer -- just a bit damp.... and glory be the trailer was dry as a bone.

I came across some pics I haven't shared here and thought I would do it today .....

For Sir Steve's birthday the lil one and I collected some stones and a hunk of wood and with some help from me she made 'daddy' his birthday present (2 owls sitting in a tree) 

And just because we're camping doesn't mean we eat hot dogs and hamburgers all the time (or Kraft dinner) Sir Steve found a recipe on line for chicken chimichangas so one night I cooked up a huge tray of them..... yum they were good!!

A couple of weeks ago we took the lil one on an adventure to Prehistoric Land to see the dinosaurs.  I had some fun taking some of my arty farty pics (something I haven't done enough of this summer) 

And I'm not sure if I shared with you the weekend Sir Steve took me to St Raphael's - to visit the ruins of a beautiful cathedral

And just for the record -- Sir Steve has delighted in poking or slapping my ass since Saturday just to watch me jump...... my poor lil bottom is still bruised --

Life is good when it hurts to sit 3 days later !!



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Lilac said...

You guys were lucky. Got a tornado warning but nothing happened. We had power outage for about 22 hours . Scared the shit out of me. Seriously made me think of moving to other parts of Canada .

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