Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer... really?

We awoke this morning to torrential rain and strong winds.  The weather man said "more of the same tomorrow"

So we piled into our cars and came back to the city. 

I spent the day doing laundry and baking chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.  We seem to have a 'cookie monster" (better known as Sir Steve) and my cookies just disappear.  

The lil one had fun playing with all her toys -- it's amazing how a couple of weeks away from the house makes everything seem new again!

Sir Steve has planned some play tonite -- He has been working on the build up all day.  (grinning) He tweaks my nipples ... as I collapse downwards his voice telling me to stand straight -- no remorse -- gotta love a Sadist!!  Loving / play has been frequent this summer and ohhhhhhh so very good.  With Sir Steve I am learning balance -- it is so much healthier a relationship than anything I have experienced before.  And I AM so much healthier and so much stronger!

Life is good when there is balance.

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