Thursday, July 06, 2017

Minor Meltdown

Yesterday was a busy day -- just one of many over the last month or so.  

I needed to do some shopping -- and decided to take the lil one with me... I called it ' a girl's day out'.  We went shopping and we went out for lunch and we did more shopping.  By the time we got home I WAS exhausted.  It has been a long time since I had a 4 year old in tow.......I forgot the joys of dumping them into a car seat and the buckling and unbuckling that it involves.......I forgot the "I needs" and the pouty faces that come with the "I needs".........  I forgot just how exhausting it was to have a lil one talking all -- A L L -- the time.

By the time we got home I just wanted Sir Steve to come home and take over.  But he was on a big job and didn't get home till supper time.  I had declared it a "left-overs' dinner....... 

BUT after when dinner was done and the dishes washed -- the lil one had requested some silly talking animal movie -- Sir Steve was dozing in his chair -- I was struggling with a headache (which the animal voices weren't helping!)  and the lil one disappeared into her room to play with her toys.

There I sat virtually by myself with the talking animals -- a snoring Sir Steve -- and a high pitched girly voice talking to her dolls -- and thought I am gonna lose it -- totally lose it!!

After about 30 minutes I stood up - got my purse and car keys -- and Sir Steve opened his eyes long enough to ask where I was going and was anything wrong?

Hell yeah there was something wrong!!  I was heading for a major temper tantrum.  I don't much like myself when I get angry -- and have learned it is best for everyone if I just 'disappear' for a while.  

So I went to my apartment -- my quiet lil Zen apartment.  I turned on the lights and curled up on the sofa and soaked in the peace and quiet and harmony.  I took deep breaths ... I closed my eyes and asked myself what I wanted -- and how to get it.  

And then I turned on Facebook.  We spent 5 months communicating through Facebook.... why not now?  And he was on... and eventually got me 'talking' and I told him everything ........... and then a couple of hours later I asked him if I could come 'home'.

I won't say the problem is fixed........ 

I will say we're gonna work on it !

And in a new relationship -- 'gonna work on it' is a very good thing!

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