Friday, July 28, 2017

Busy Bee

What a week I am having!

Sir Steve is working long long hours (like 11 hours a day) and the lil one and I are left to amuse ourselves.  The only good thing is the weather has been more or less cooperating... more sunshine than rain and a wee bit warmer.

On top of that - next weekend (the 5th) is Sir Steve's 50th birthday and I have been planning a dinner party for approximately 15 people (plus kids for dessert) here at the trailer.  No stress there!!  between fussing over the weather (god help me if it rains) to preparing all the food - to finding tables to borrow to seat everyone (Sir Steve says they can stand -- sheeesh!  for steak and sausages and salads??!!) - to begging for fridge space in friends' fridges up here for all the food - to major stress over his parents coming (his mother is a total perfectionist) 

On yeah and I am trying to prepare a very special birthday present for Sir Steve -- and it involves my finding time alone - yeah good luck with that one!!

And just to make life interesting I haven't been sleeping........(I think I need a good f**k to knock me out - but then Sir Steve's so pooped when he gets home it's all he can do to eat dinner and put the lil one to bed) 

Sometimes life can get too busy and too stressful -- but it helps me appreciate the quiet times when they come........ (small smile)

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