Thursday, July 20, 2017

Best Summer

Last evening Sir Steve and I popped over to a site just down the road to visit after dinner.  We had a lovely time chatting and getting caught up on news (they've been absent from the campgrounds for a couple of weeks) I enjoyed myself!

Walking home in the dark holding Sir Steve's hand I thought 'tomorrow is going to be a beautiful hot summer day -- and best of all I have nothing to do!'  

This is turning out to be the best summer ever (despite all the drama that swirls around me).  I can spend hours sitting on our deck in the sunshine - reading when I want to read - or closing my eyes and listening to the quiet interspersed with kids laughter, chirping birds, the distant sound of cars navigating the camp grounds.

Despite what people 'see' and imagine -- I am not all that outgoing -- I actually don't enjoy being with people -- solitude is what keeps me sane.  Even as  a little girl in the summer my favourite thing to do was to curl up in my bedroom with a book.  I can remember my mom forcing me to go out and play ' to make friends' .. shrug I never felt the need for friends I was (am) my best friend.

Thankfully Sir Steve honours my need to be alone and quiet ... does all he can to foster a quiet haven for me... even when we go visiting neighbouring campers he watches me judging when I have had enough socializing..... and makes the move to end the evening.

Now it is time to curl up on the deck in the glorious sunshine and ignore the world around me ................. life is good and this is turning out to be the best summer in a long long time!




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