Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Long Day

Just a little humour -- otherwise I might cry.

I am pooped and my day hasn't even started.  It was hard getting back into routine yesterday -- work - then the gym - then drop my new computer off to be fixed (finally) - then home to do laundry and make some appointments -- and then I got called back into work.

Today is gonna be busier if possible -- 
work - gym - accountant for my taxes - pick up my computer which is fixed - hairdresser appointment - then a doctor's appointment......... oh and hopefully finish my laundry in between

For some reason I have a feeling the next 8 weeks are gonna be just as busy - I am making lists for fear I forget something............. 

Once I finally get moved to Cornwall I am gonna need a vacation -- a longgggggggggg vacation.

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keth said...

A suggestion, if I may... you might want to look into something called Bullet journalling (start with bulletjournal.com). It's a planning system that you can do in any blank notebook, with any pen and pencil, and you make it to suit YOU. It may save you in the weeks to come with the move and everything... :) once you get done with bulletjournal.com, if you want to make it pretty (you don't have to, some (me) find it helps), check out http://www.bohoberry.com/ - she has a bullet journalling 101 on you tube which may help. If you REALLY get into it, then there's TONS of websites and resources out there on pinterest, instagram, youtube... but I would suggest avoiding those until you know whether you like it or not, it's easy to get overwhelmed!

Good luck!


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