Friday, April 07, 2017


I had a disappointing day yesterday.  I was hoping Sir Steve and I could do a walk through of the new apartment for measurements etc on Friday afternoon... but unfortunately it isn't going to work out.  The next Friday we are available isn't till the 21st ..... 

Then I had my first estimator for the move come in.... he wouldn't even give me a "guesstimate" of how much it will cost.  He'll email me the estimate on Monday.

Then I was sitting looking at my list of 'to do's' and felt like I was drowning.  I want to start crossing things off my list -- I HATE waiting!!  but most of the items can't be done yet ...... I guess I just want June to come N O W !

Then I took a big breath and focused on this weekend -- and seeing Sir Steve and my heart slowed down.  We're have a date night this weekend.... dinner and a movie.  I am SO excited !!  Sir Steve pointed out that this is actually our first official date.  Oh we've been out to dinner -- been to munches - even a play party -- but this is our first 'date night'.  I have my outfit all picked out -- just like when I was a teenager.... gonna look my very best for my best man 

and that is a very good thing !

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