Friday, February 10, 2017

Terrible Awful No Good Day

Yesterday really was a terrible awful no good day!  

I have been missing LLF bad this week -- and we're not seeing each other this weekend.

So yesterday I decided that sitting around missing him wasn't gonna cut it anymore.  Get busy I told myself.  

So I dragged out the ladder and the bucket and the cleaning solutions.  Pulled the furniture out of the living room and decided to wash the walls -- wash the floors -- vacuum the furniture - in other words start spring cleaning.  Keeping busy would take my mind off how long 10 days really are......... 

In the moving of the furniture I forgot the vase filled with river rocks.......... 

on the bright side I didn't have to clean the vase or wash the river rocks.

I got the living room done by mid afternoon -- the dining room was kinda staring at me (it is just off the living room and shares a common wall)  I thought to myself 'tomorrow' I was tired ...... (never mind the physical work -- but it's been days since I had a full night's sleep)

BUT -- the dining room kept calling my name.  So I decided to clean out the china cabinet -- wash all the glasses and crystal -- polish the mirrored back and wash the glass shelving.

I got the first half done and was putting the shelf back in when -- I have no idea what happened -- but the middle shelf on the other side came crashing down.......

If I wasn't so shocked I would have sat down and cried.  I managed to get everything out and survey the damage -- broken brackets -- broken shelf -- broken figurines and chipped crystal.

I gave up and cried.  and cried.  and cried.

Then LLF came on line and I sat down to tell him my news when I realized I was bleeding all over the keyboard... on top of everything else I managed to slice my finger and my hand on the broken .... whatever -- I have no idea what I cut myself on.

And I started crying again. I felt like I couldn't win for trying.

Some days are terrible awful no good days....... and yesterday was one of them.

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Lucinda Preston said...

I've had bad days that reduced me to tears too. The important thing is that most of them are good and the bad days won't kill me ((hugs))

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