Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rock and a Hard Place

My whole life I have believed in truth......  I grew up in the 60's I burned my bra and marched for peace.  I have always believed in speaking the truth -- even when it wasn't popular.

Back a few years I lost that fight in my soul.  I wanted to find my own peace.  I didn't want to fight any more battles ..... didn't want to tilt at any more windmills 

And now I am faced with yet another small windmill.... do I fight yet one last battle -- or walk away and leave it spinning in the wind??  My life is finally settling down -- I feel like I am in the best place I have been in a long time.  Do I have to fight every battle that is dumped on my doorstep?  

Can't I just walk away from this one? 

So I have done some major thinking about this one.... based partially on a response I got to an email.

I deserve to live my life freely -- unburdened by guilt -- or shame.  I deserve to bring more happiness and joy to the relationships I am in -- rather than stress and drama.

I will become the person I have dreamed of being.......I will be strong and brave and find my peace... and no one will prevent me from reaching that goal 




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