Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Raising the bar

As most of you know I have a great love of photography.  I tend to take pictures of obscure interesting patterns found all around us.  However -- I have had a secret goal -- I have wanted to take more kinky pictures. 

BUT I don't do well with portraits.  I get nervous which in turn makes my 'subject' nervous -- end result is disaster.

A couple of years back I had a willing subject who agreed to sit for some sexy kinky pictures.  He was a good sport and was very comfortable in front of the camera.  BUT I wanted to show him that cock pics really aren't that sexy -- a hint is sometimes sexier.  And I took this picture  

I don't think I sold him on the idea but I had fun and learned some lessons on kinky photo shoots.

A week ago -- someone approached me and asked if I took pictures.  They are apparently looking for photographers for the Kink Carnalval in November.  I didn't bite.  My nerves and lack of confidence got the better of me.

Then a funny thing happened.  Remember "The Sadist" I played with for a while?? Well he and I still keep in touch -- and he emailed over the weekend to see if I would/could do some new shots for his profileAnd he wanted some shots of 'toys' in a nefarious manner (grinning) "nefarious" - really?? I would think one would want inviting pics on their profile -- lots of time to scare the hell out of the victim later right???

Anyway yesterday I decided to do some experiments with pictures of my toys.  Test out lighting and back drops ...... just playing really.  I sent them off to him to get some feedback -- but thought I would share my efforts with my critical audience...... Tell me what you think..............





Michele d said...

Glad to see that you are continuing to use your camera creatively. Hope you will keep it up and gain more confidence because you definitely have a good eye and the talent to do it successfully. (Have to admit that I liked the torso shot best of all!)

lindy thomas said...

Awesome you should take more kinky photos. The more you do the more your confidence will grow.
I sat go for it!

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