Thursday, September 29, 2016


I don't have a post ready for today -- but this pretty much sums up what's rolling around in my head..........


Han van Meegeren said...

Good thing to be bad sometimes, how rewarding it can be to be bad and something good will come as a result of that.

I like it,

AngelsQuest said...

I've always hated the term "bad girl". So being in touch with your sexuality makes you bad?

morningstar said...


I don't believe being "in touch with your sexuality" has any correlation to "bad girl" term.

I like -- really like -- being a bad girl for the right man! it makes him special .....

You know -- the old "princess by day - slut by night" but I guess you don't like that one either. :)

To each their own.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I've always loved about this man of ours...he's got class. He knows how to treat that princess during the day and sure as hell knows how to treat that slut once the lights go out... we're pretty lucky princesses :)

Love ya

AngelsQuest said...

Lol. No, I don't like that one either but it's because I ain't no fucking princess. ;-)

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