Friday, August 19, 2016

Split Personality

Ever had a time when you felt like you were suffering from multiple personalities??? 

Actually I have had 2 days like that this week............ 

(oh and before I go any further -- this may be a TMI post so be warned!!)

One day I had a "task" to do for Hands.  It involved adult things.  He had given me directions.  I sat for a few minutes to make sure He was finished -- but then decided to bring my phone with me -- just in case ya know?!

I had just settled in to complete the task when my phone beeped.  Sure it was Hands I stopped what I was doing and picked up the phone.  Nooooooooooo it wasn't Hands it was my eldest daughter!!  For just a minute I felt like she knew what I was doing and my heart started pounding.  Then I realized how dumb that was -- put the phone back -- and got back to the task at hand.  I discovered something very interesting -- people tend to post a lot AND I do mean A LOT! at noon -- I got frustrated -- turned the phone off and threw it in a drawer.  I will admit it took a few minutes to get my eldest's face out of my mind............... 

Then yesterday Hands and I had been chatting -- and my imagination being what it is was working over time.......... He had gone back to work -- I had settled down to do some reading -- trying to focus my mind on something completely different (without a whole lot of success I might add) when BING -- youngest daughter messaged me.  Everything was going along fine -- we were discussing the boys -- when I saw Hands pop online..... and I felt myself stuttering ........ focus I kept muttering -- FOCUS -- but as luck would have it -- youngest daughter was describing how middle grandchild was caught googling 'sex' and all I could think was 'I must find that website url with the pictures for Hands' ........... Honestly !!!  I do have trouble multi-tasking!!

Life can be very interesting when you have a double life (so to speak)


Lilac said...

I wouldn't really call these as split personalities. They sound more like vanilla vs kinky personalities.

The real split personalities in my opinion are these : one minute, a person is so kind and gentle . The next minute, that same person can be very mean and cruel. Just like "the little red" turns into a "big bad wolf" on certain full moon nights.

morningstar said...

Lilac -- I know that -- I was trying to be "cute" -- but didn't take into account those folks who actually do have split personalities... I apologize for my attempt at "cuteness"

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