Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Flying Floating

I  have been floating along -- loose and free -- rebellious a bit -- doing what I wanted - not always thinking it through.

One of the things I did was replace my old clit jewelry with what I bragged was "bigger is better".  If you want to read that entry it is HERE.   
My Piercer told me / warned me it was too big ....... but I was in this 'mood' -- this 'I will do what I want' mind set.  

Well he was right - of course.  The ring was too big - and I have had more than one "wardrobe malfunction" .  BUT more than that - when I would catch a glimpse of it getting in or out of the shower - I didn't much like it.  BUT pride would not let me admit I had made a mistake.

Over the last few weeks - things have been settling down inside me.... I like to think someone has reached up and tentatively caught hold of the drifting string dangling from me - and started to pull me down - reel me in.  

Last Friday I had a chance to speak with my Piercer and told him my dilemma - he just kinda smiled and shrugged - much like a parent does when the child admits it has made a mistake.  So yesterday I went down to BlackStar Piercing and had the large ring removed and a much smaller more delicate ring put in.  This time there was no fanfare - no girlfriends tagging along to watch and take pictures.  Just me correcting a mistake.

I came home and looked at it in the mirror.  It just sorta peeks out -- it's not big and obvious and in your face .. it's what I like to think is more "lady-like" (if "ladies" actually had their clits pierced)

Yes it certainly feels like I am finding my way back to my roots -- back to who I really am.


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