Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Yesterday was a good day - the good days are happening more than the bad ones these days - which is a very good thing.  It was an ordinary day in most respects - gym, messages, tasks done........ nothing out of the ordinary.

Spring has truly finally arrived here in the Great White North... so after my lunch I decided  to go for a long walk in the sunshine... soak in some of the warmth 

As I was walking I realized I was very peaceful inside  -- a calm had settled over my heart.  I almost didn't recognise the feeling.  It has been that long since I had such a deep abiding peace.

And as I walked I did some serious re-evaluating of myself - of my almost kinetic energy these last couple of months.  I have thought some harsh things about myself just recently - I even voiced them to Angel - and the words made me feel sick to my stomach -- but they were true feelings - if not exactly true words.  

BUT on my walk I realized that it is time for yet another change in my life.  I do miss the calm that I used to have - the grounding I used to have ....... and I realized no one can give me back that  calm - that grounding - but I can create it for myself.

Today hopefully will be another peaceful day - I will work at it

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