Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day

I know it's Sunday and I don't ever write on Sunday

And I know it's Mother's Day and everyone posts sentimental posts re their Mothers.

I was brought up to believe that there shouldn't be ONE day to celebrate Mothers - that if we need one day to celebrate them then something is truly wrong.

Today instead of celebrating mothers - I want to celebrate my girls

The girls who never gave up on me - 
The girls who worry about me - and check up on me regularly
The girls who have already made plans for me - when I get too old  (LOL)
The girls who only want my happiness
The girls who threaten anyone who hurts me - they apparently know where to bury the bodies (grinning) 
The girls who make me proud with how they live their lives with integrity and love and respect.

Sometimes I look at them - or browse through family photos - and think to myself
"I DID do something right with my life!!"

(cross  posted to Facebook where I know they will read this )

1 comment:

abby said...

Bravo that is not small accomplishment! As I watch and see and celebrate with my kids..I know that i have been blessed...and did a darn good job!
hugs abby

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