Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Holding Pattern

Have you ever noticed how much of life is a "holding pattern" - just waiting around for ............. whatever???

AND you can be busy - busy doing "stuff"  but at the end of the day when everything is quietly slipping into dream land  -- or early in the morning when the world still slumbers on - and your sipping your first coffee of the day -  your mind is checking the status of the holding pattern.

2 more days till the weekend

6 more days till the doctor's appointment

2 weeks till the party

2 weeks till pay day

10 days till the lunch date 

3 months till spring (well guaranteed spring)

All the best gurus say we should live in the moment.  Enjoy each moment of each day ....... cause you aren't guaranteed tomorrow.

I say screw that!!!

I believe the "holding patterns" in my life take it from mundane to fun!!  Looking forward to something ...... what ever that something is (well except for doctor's appointments) - is what makes life exciting - keeps me fresh and cheeky and full of life........... 

'Cause truthfully this is my motto............ 

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