Thursday, January 21, 2016


So - after the "dear john" email - I had a little meltdown.   Not a big ONE - but still had one......... 

I have voices in my head - everyone who has ever had an influence on my life sits in the back of my head - and from time to time they talk - and talk - and talk to me.  Some of the things they say " you aren't good enough....... you're not pretty enough .... WHAT were you thinking?? ..... you can't do THAT... good girls don't.............. "  I am sure some of you know what I mean ...... 

Most times the voices are quiet - but sometimes they yell at me - over and over.

My worst fear - my whole life - has been "being seen as or called " a slut.  That was the biggest threat I had to deal with when I was growing up...... if you have sex with a man everyone will see you as a slut.  You won't ever find a man to marry.  It always felt as though if I had sex a bolt of lightening would come out of the sky and strike me dead ...... SEX was bad!! (which is the reason I was a virgin when I got married)

So I went into this later in life dating with the same principals.... you date - you find a good man - you do NOT have sex.  (and for the record I have NO intentions of ever getting married - or having someone live with me - but a partner would be nice)

Except all the men seemed to want to have sex.  And I have never seen myself as very sensual - or sexy looking - and yes I will admit - suddenly having all these men finding me sexy - appealing was a little  (NO a BIG) ego booster.  I had lost all this weight and was feeling more confident - and now these men - I was feeling hot and sexy and dear god no one prepared me for this....... 

I was so thrilled with the toothbrush date because I had never done it before.. and yes - on Saturday driving home I knew it wasn't gonna go any further - he definitely wasn't my "forever" guy............ but I thought we had had a good time together ..... and maybe occasional dates would still happen.

BUT I was not prepared to be told it hadn't worked - no chemistry  !!!  At first it didn't bother me much - BUT - once it sank in - the voices started in my head.  "You are a slut" " a slut!!!" oh and my favourite - "you aren't very good in bed - you can't give blow jobs " and suddenly my confidence hit rock bottom.

And I think the worst part was the fact that I had told so many friends that i was going on this overnight sleep over. AND they were gonna see me as a slut - cause that's what happens when you do THAT.  I was going to loose their respect ....... it broke my heart.  AND there was nothing to do about it - but crawl into my nice safe little shell and hide.

But my friends didn't let me crawl too far into that shell - the sweetest comment came from "mini me" who knew what was happening in my head - and left a message saying "I don't want to talk to the voices - I want to talk to morningstar" it made me smile.
Today I am feeling more at peace with myself.  The weekend taught me that I LOVE fucking - my libido is higher than ever - and I am starting to realize I have every right to enjoy sex - and as long as I am careful (grinning) I won't die from having lots of sex!!  and no bolt of lightening will come out of the sky and strike me dead. 

Someone out there will appreciate me for who I am.......... not just what my cunt can do ........... and if not??? well I will enjoy myself - laugh and play and have fun - and try very hard not to listen to my voices!!! AND with any luck I will find someone who actually wants to spank me and do all those kinky things I love and see as a form of foreplay........... ummm yes now that would be perfect!!



kaya said...

I've been a slut all my life. I've embraced it. I love sex, I LOVE orgasms (because they fucking feel good, alright?) and since I don't believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell, I'm not worried about my immortal soul. I'm worried about the one chance at life that we are guaranteed and I intend to enjoy it. I advise everyone I know to do the same. Do what makes you feel good- voices be damned. Life is too short to listen to naysayers, even the ones that reside within.

So this guy wasn't The One. I know that stings, when you put yourself out there you risk getting stung. (Why isn't HE the slut in this scenario anyway?? Hm?) I think it was incredibly brave and amazing that you went for it. I hope you keep going for it, even knowing you might get stung.

Hil said...

What Kaya said :-) I can't say it better.

AngelsQuest said...

Yup, Kaya nailed it.

Lakeman always said he considered slut a term of endearment - didn't understand it as an insult.

Nice to see morningstar's return ;-)

mini me

Lea said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying sex for what it is. I hate that double standard. I'm glad you've seen it too!

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