Friday, January 22, 2016

New Challenge

Alright then !   I was at the gym walking my cute lil ass off on the treadmill - dreaming / thinking when suddenly I had this EUREKA moment. 

IF I am gonna be doing this dating thing and IF sex is gonna be involved (well it would seem that isn't as much a maybe as probably) then I had better have my OWN supplies.  

So I went to the drugstore - after all I did need some new lipstick.

I have NEVER in my life had to buy condoms!!!  Now I think I know how a man feels when he is sent to the drugstore to buy female products.  

AND who knew there were so many different types?? and sizes????? good lord am I supposed to ask how big he is before buying condoms?? LOL  and we all know how reliable THAT information will be!!

AND right beside the condoms were the lubricants and I thought well that might be a good idea if there is gonna be more all night sessions (there's only so much a girl can take !!)  

AND there were so many lubricants - I was soooo tempted to buy the hot and cold one - (oh they have condoms like that too) but figured I might scare the poor guy ...... so I went with a straight water based lube that claims to be safe with all toys ...... 

THEN I went to the cash - with my lube - my condoms and my lipstick.  The girl punched them in - bagged them - took my cash - then said with this grin "Have a GREAT weekend"

I think I ran out of the drugstore....... 

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