Saturday, May 02, 2015

Post Op

Well I have successfully passed the 72 hour post op period.  So someone want to tell me why I still have no energy????? Initially I had this thought of tidying up the house - dusting and running the vacuum today - but dear god - it's all I can do to get my ass out of the chair to make breakfast !!!  I had less trouble recuperating from the cancer surgery for god's sakes.

Never mind the fact the surgeon warned me I might (MIGHT??!!) be a little moody for a week or so.  Really ??!!!  I have been cycling through every emotion known to mankind every hour or so...... talk about an emotional roller coaster!

On the plus side (cause ya know I have to try and find a plus) they had pumped me full of carbon dioxide and Wednesday and Thursday I honestly thought they had broken my ribs and pelvic bone....... but I forced myself to go for two walks on Thursday and lo and behold I believe the gases are easing...... at least I am breathing easier and walking easier.

Oh well maybe once the weekend is over I will be more like myself........... 

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