Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Sentiments

This idea - of taking responsibility for your actions - for yourself....... is not very popular on Fetlife these days.  In fact if you even try to hint that folks should take responsibility for their themselves you can land up being accused of being a "victim shamer"... it's such a pity that in general - in the big wide world - vanilla or BDSM - no one seems to think they should take responsibility for themselves ........ it's so much easier to blame someone else - dontcha know........ le sigh


Anonymous said...

Morning :-)

You know what I find sometimes? Sometimes statements or writings are misconstrued or taken out of context (as you well know).

I strongly believe in personal responsibility. However I also think that a top with several years of experience, when playing with a newbie, bears a greater responsibility.

Your trouble making subbie buddie,


morningstar said...

ok Janus-is wanna debate that one??

WHAT if the newbie/subbie was warned NOT to play with someone - warned to use a safe call - and went ahead ignoring all of the warnings.. are we still responsible??

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